Christmas Solar Garden Lights

99¢ off! I can hardly resist!

$43.99 on Amazon

The rocket-solar-pathlights-35-piece costs MORE at woot than the MSRP, per the WOOT listing. Well done!

another christmas decoration that will be out in the ground year around.

Well done

Dollar tree has the small ones for a dollar…

It seems like some of the MSRPs might be slightly incorrect here.

We appreciate everyone’s response and should have an answer or two very soon.

Ha-Ha, you funny! No Sun get through snow to charge batteries! No lights for Santa to see!

Does anyone know how bright these are, what are the lumens?

Solar lights for when the Northern hemisphere gets the least amount of light each year. Genius.

Talk about woot not paying attention. The 2-piece sets are 6 dollars, but the 12 piece mixed set is 49 dollars…

6 two-piece sets = 12 pieces. $6 x 6 sets = $36…

I have these from a previous woot and they charge even on a cloudy day, just don’t run 'till the wee hours of the morning. I can pull out the batteries and charge them in my eneloop charger but not in my energizer charger. The Christmas are ni-cd and mine are lith-ion so maybe that would make a difference. IDK

You can buy these at Dollar Tree in Colorado for $1 each.

Geez, best deal ever!

What a waste of my time clicking on this ‘deal’

Dollar Tree also has them online for $1 each. You can’t buy 35 singles but they have a 36 pack. With shipping it came to $53.45 so if you don’t live near a Dollar Tree, like me, Woot! is almost exactly the same cost per unit.