Christmas Submissions (Too Late?) & Emailing Staff Directly


I just submitted a last-minute Christmas themed submission. At this point, am I too late ? I know it takes Shirt.Woot a bit to get back with artists and I’m afraid by the time I wait a week or two for an approval, it’ll be too late to submit it anywhere else if it gets declined. Does the community frown upon contacting staff (Ben,, etc.) directly to try and speed things up?


The staff do not frown on you contacting us directly! Please do send in right away and we will see if we can fit it into a sale!


Awesome! Is there a preferred contact email or is ok?


You can copy that and Ben if you have his email? But I will keep an eye out on Thank you!


Thanks! You guys really are a step above the other sites when it comes to communicating with artists :hugs:


Yay! We try! :slight_smile:


It looks like it’s late for submitting Christmas designs, but wanted to be sure. Is it like “officially late” and you don’t even consider new Christmas designs, or is there possibility to be picked for daily tee or something like “extra Christmas sale”?
Or the only left option to get into let’s say near Holiday sales is to get honorable mention (Editors’ Choice) in this and next derbies?


Apologies for not getting back to you sooner…your best bet now would be to submit through the regular portal and select your preferred contract type so we can review. It is a bit late for Christmas, as you can see the specific sale is live on the site! I don’t want to say there is a definite cut-off, cause there isn’t, but we have to bear in mind selling time left and shipping times for customers to be able to get them before the holidays! So send it in and if we can fit it into a sale that’s launching we will do our best to.

An email is a good idea to follow up, but we also need details captured in the submission portal to be able to keep track so better to do both. Let me know if you have any other questions!


My artist details and artwork should be submitted, just waiting on a response back regarding a question about contracts.


Thanks for info!