Christmas Trees (Your Choice)


Christmas Trees (Your Choice)


Just got mine in the mail yesterday from the previous time it was offered. Was supposed to have frosted tips, but came without. Not complaining… I was on the fence about which one to get anyway.

As for the unboxing thus far… there is an individual baggie covering each and every freaking tip on here. Most come off easily, but you’ll need some extra time and maybe a few more hands for the first setup. Will post photos soon.


As I mentioned… each branch has its own little baggie. But the needles just pop right out without any fuss. Kinda satisfying, really.

The needles themselves remind me of monofilament (fishing line) but really thick. You’re gonna catch soooo many trout with these babies.

The color almost seems too bright to be natural… but let’s get real. We just paid $50 for an immortal tree. I’m not fooling anyone. Once it’s up it doesn’t look quite so obvious, probably due to it not being one giant clump of dark green fisherman’s nightmare.

Also, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the box artwork, shall we?


The finished product, not yet decorated. I’m kinda excited. My old tree looked a little more real, but it’s older than my teenage daughter. Frankly, I was done with vacuuming up pine needles… yes the fake tree had shed like a real one.

Again, this fine specimen won’t win any IT’S A REAL TREE OH WAIT WOW NO IT ISN’T contests. But it’s sturdy. The stand is very simple to put together, the whole thing takes ten minutes to assemble and spread out… for $50, you probably won’t find a better tree.

You know… without risking your life on chasing down some looney with a list. I think his name was Craig…?


Sorry about the lack of frosted tips! Other than that, I like the tree.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance on those tips.


Y’all are amazing, as always. :heart_eyes: