Chromebooks Of Love: Chrome-mantic

Would you recommend this for 80 yr old grandma? It is a good feature that chromebooks clear/reboot each time you close/open so she doesn’t end up with dozens of open windows and a frozen screen.

We want to chat via gmail to stay in touch. I’ve always had net access via school. What internet support does she have to purchase to “connect” at her home? Thank you.

Does anyone know if the LTE version sold here can be used with a T-mobile SIM card?

Hi, in my experience, my Chromebook (the HP model that’s already sold out in this sale, the red and blue), does not reboot every time it closes (that is, as opposed to what happens when I power down and then boot up and need to sign in), nor do my tabs or windows clear. However upon opening the cover, it boots up almost instantly (especially compared to a Windows laptop I also own), even with several windows open, each with dozens of tabs.

These are great for non-techie, casual, computer users, as there’s no maintenance/updating the user needs to do. If all she wants is email and a little websurfing, Chromebooks are just the thing for her. On the other hand, since there’s no optical drive (as far as I know, at least on the ones I’ve looked at), if she uses a computer for something that requires the use of discs, it might not meet her needs.

Not sure what you mean by what Internet support she needs. How does she connect to the Internet now? (I’m assuming she’s online now, because you mentioned something about the computer freezing with multiple windows.) If it’s by an Ethernet cable plugged into her current computer, keep in mind that many (maybe all? not sure.) of the Chromebooks here connect via WiFi only, so she also would have to get a wireless router and set up a network. Woot is always selling routers, in fact I noticed some on sale today. Personally I have this one, and it’s been doing well for me. I did make sure to update the firmware, though. Or did I misinterpret your comment – does she not have Internet service at all?

If you purchase a USB ethernet adapter, you can connect a Chromebook to a wired network; I’ve tried it and it works.