Are any of these the Chromebooks that come with the free 200mb of free T-Mobile data for life? I’m super sad I missed that deal and want it to come back…

No. I believe that was on older models.

It was on the 2014 model, as I have one with the 200 MB, but it doesn’t look like it is offered here.

Just so you know, all of the HP Chromebooks in this event have ARM based processors (Nvidia Tegra K1 or Samsung Exynos) so make sure you want to use it as a Chromebook before trying it for a couple of weeks, deciding Chrome OS isn’t for you, and installing a copy of Windows 10 on it. Windows 10 will probably not work with these and 16 GB is only enough to install the OS - maybe. You have been warned.

Windows 10 won’t run on these at all. They have an ARM CPU, and Windows 10 is exclusively for normal Intel/AMD x86 and x64 CPUs.

Not only that, but while you can technically install Windows on Intel-based Chromebooks, there are no available Windows drivers for the EC used for the keyboard and trackpad. Someone on Reddit put together a driver for the keyboard, but the trackpad still doesn’t work yet.

is there anything I should beware of when buying a factory reconditioned Chromebook I really like savings of $80 compared to new prices but I dont want to have any problems and will buy a new one instead if theres any chance Ill have a problem with a factory reconditioned

I have zero issues with my almost year old chromebook. If your online experience is 95% surfing, woot and ebay shopping, youtube and netflix… even some MAME games… I highly recommend it!!!

Also the form factor and sheer speed is great! Boot up in 10 secs or less awesome