Chronicle 100 Year Old Vines Zinfandel - 3 Pack

No. They solicit user input, but to a much lesser extent than here. One of the many reasons the vast majority of my online wine buying is here.

Nice word picture - you sold me.

I also picked this up because of your good explanation of this wine. I am a huge fan of Zins and this is my first wine purchase from Woot. I don’t think I can justify picking up 2 of them, but I know I’ll be kicking myself once I try it and wishing I had.

Does anyone know if there are any current labrats? or do we just look at the comments from the last offer in September?

They ship through Fedex, and fedex allows you to hold a package at a nearby location. You can access this on the track package link that woot provides when the package has been shipped-- but you have to wait until the package has been physically picked up by Fedex.

You can even have them store the package at the initial destination point of your city, I believe.

I’ve marked each of my packages as ‘Hold At Location’, yet I still typically have to call and remind them. Find a location that’s near you and still gets delivered at an earlier time. The one near me gets dropped off around noon.

To expand on this a bit further, some winemakers prize old vines because, as said above, they produce less fruit, but also more-concentrated fruit that can result in a more intensely flavorful wine. Sorry if this was stated elsewhere, but I didn’t see it. And yeah, the reduced yield makes this less economically viable for many wineries even though it should produce better wine.

And that concludes my first Woot forum post of what I hope will be many. Bottoms up!

Comments from last offer or those on CT. Lately, the only labrats are for the Friday offer over the weekend.

In for 2.


I bought this accidentally from an online retailer that had it labeled wrong. Chronicle actually made three different zinfandels in 2006. The other Woot offering was the “Old Vines”. It is the best zinfandel I’ve ever had. Period.

I was unimpressed with this one, “Hundred Year old Vines”

This one is mixed from the two oldest vineyards where the “Old Vines” is a mix of all three vineyards.

The “Old Vines” is much more subtle. Smooth and fruit forward. The “Hundred” is not fruit at all and has a firm finish, tobacco if I remember correctly. I was so unimpressed I got a refund.

Debating on going in on this one, just can’t make a decision.

I’ve been a little crazy on WW lately (23 bottles since 4/15) but this does sound pretty darn good…

Looks like I’m going to have to wait for a little more feedback or Lab Rat report!

EDIT: And based on the last post that was being written while I was writing mine, maybe I should pass…

So how would it get from CA to FL? I doubt by air for $5. Fed Ex ground would be either driving it across country or puttng the trailer on a rail car for the majority of the trip. Either way it seems like days of transportation with a lot of temperature flucuations and sun beating on that trailer for hours each day.

I do note that no one has ever mentioned a problem related to this and some of you have bought stuff repeatedly…

The inside of my car, if sitting in the sun, will be incredibly hot, you don’t want to get in it. You would not believe how hot. I try to park in shade at every opportunity. It’s not full-scale summer yet but it’s close, and woot things take maybe 2 weeks to arrive here.

So I remain a tad nervous…

2006 seems a bit old for a zin. I know some zins age pretty well, but isn’t most zin drunk young? Doesn’t the fruit fade?

I bought the last time Chronicle was offered and was thoroughly disappointed. It was a dry zin and much more earthy than the fruit-bombs you usually get from the Russian River Valley and Dry Creek.

I’ll be passing on this one for sure.

Thanks for the heads up. The naming of these is a bit confusing. I also really enjoyed the Old Vines offer.

Cheap zin is often falling apart at 5 years from vintage date, but IN MY OPINION decent stuff (like this offer) usually can age a year or 2 more before it starts losing its “goodness”.

Whew! It’s a Monday. Our computer network was down so I apologize for the delay responding to questions.

The Zinfandel has excellent acidity that will allow it to age well for another 3-4 years. It’s just a good Zin though. I would buy the wines and drink them now with barbecue. You can hold them but why? :wink:

I also live in North Florida. Up until last month, the local FedEx office would allow my wine-woots to be dropped off at a Fedex Kinkos right across from my office. However, I have not been able to do with that with the last two woots. On each occasion, a rep from the local hub has called and informed that shipments of alcohol are not able to be dropped off at an office, and has asked me to either provide a different address or come and pick it up from the hub on the west side of Jax. I’ve decided to stop having wine shipped until after the summer. Maybe you’ll have a different experience. Good luck!

Couple comments after reading some of the posts… and I’ll do my best to keep this real-time.

The website links posted may not be terribly helpful. The Chronicle site does not show the Zinfandel wines as the number of remaining cases is limited. This Woot offer may be the last of those wines.

The Luna website is not helpful as we are not currently selling Chronicle Zinfandel - just the Chronicle Pinot Noir. Luna created the sister label Chronicle to produce wines (Zinfandel and Pinot Noir) from the Russian River, Sonoma Coast and Mendocino regions.

The claims that 2006 vintage is over the hill doesn’t apply to this wine as much as other Zins. It has higher acid.

To clarify my last post… If you like stronger bodied wines with less fruit you may very well love this wine. It is very Claret-like.

The reason I got the refund was because it wasn’t what I wanted and was listed incorrectly on the site…and was expensive by my standard.

As for the “label making you want to buy”…

For what its worth, it is a beautiful presentation. Heaviest bottle I have ever seen. Classy, lovely label. It will impress with its presentation even if your guest doesn’t like the wine.

I had an email conversation with the winery when trying to track down more of the “Old Vines” and they told me it will drink well into 2016. Haywood Winery said the same for their Zinfandels.