Chronicle 2006 Mix Zinfandel - 3 Pack

Chronicle 2006 Mix Zinfandel - 3 Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
1 2006 Zinfandel Bacigalupi Vineyard
1 2006 Zinfandel Gaddis Vineyard
1 2006 One Hundred Year Old Vines Zinfandel
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Someone was just asking did Zin…

In for two. :smiley:

Love this wine. This is my second purchase of this variety.

Can’t find any information on the Zins on the website. Looks like the current Chronicle wines are only Pinot Noirs and a Chard. Any insight?

CT reviews sure sound promising though, and I do love me some Zin…

After an incredibly long day (fantabulous Grape Stomp party) I’m going to wait until morning to make my final decision. Although first impulse is to BUY BUY BUY!

I purchased some (ok 6) of the 2006 100 Year Old Zinfandel a while back, and LOVE IT!!! I would love to try some of the other 2006 wines that Chronicle makes, but am curious as to the pH, RS, and alcohol. Anyone have any info?

I’m a big fan of Amador County Zins (dry, spicy, bold, etc.), and Chronicle was my first Russian River venture, and I must say, I was not disappointed. So any input is greatly valued!

My first Woot purchase! Woot!
Looking forward to cracking these open and giving you peeps a shot.


The Gaddis is my all time favorite wine. Be sure to decant and let it open up for quite a while. An hour or more. It totally changes the finish.

I got the 100 Year once (not on woot)and wasn’t in love. I think it may have been damaged in shipping.

The Bacigalupi is good. Not as good as the Gaddis or the Old Vines (a fouth 2006 not in this deal) but worth a hit.

I have a case of Old Vines and eight Gaddis in the fridge… not sure if I’ll get more. I would like to hit the 100 Year Old Vines again to give it a second chance…

As for the Pinot / Zinfandel question, I have asked and they say they are not planning on making any more Zinfandel so they can concentrate on Pinot Noir. I have a couple of those too but I haven’t tried them yet.

I would HIGHLY recommend getting this trio if you like Zinfandel. There can’t be much left as it was a small production and has been around the web for a couple years now.

Woot Gods…

Now if I could get all Gaddis I’d be in for three? How about it for a loyal wooter?

An open question for the woot nation.

I have looked for other Zinfandels from the “Gaddis Vineyard” and I found one that was made a few years ago by Hawley, but no others that I can see.

Has anyone else seen one? The vineayrd is old and makes a GREAT wine. I find it hard to believe no one is using it…

Here is a link to some info from Chronicle / Luna on the Gaddis…

Best. Description. Ever.

I went in on the 100 Year a few months ago when there was the mixup in orders and ended up receiving 4 bottles of the non-100 Year but still Old Vines Zin. Everyone loves it, friends have raved about it when over for dinner, and I adore pairing it with BBQ.

Although I haven’t tried the exact wines in this offer I think its fair to say that any Zin from Chronicle is a very wise purchase!

I just bought 3! Very excited!! Does anyone know of a good website to find custom wine racks? Google hasn’t been very helpful today. Cheers!

I waffled on these the last couple of times they were up. This is a slightly better deal then before ($5 less), although it is also a different mix of Chronical Zin (no idea what the original MSRP was???).

At any rate - IN FOR 2 :slight_smile:

Chronicle 2006 Mix Zinfandel - 3 Pack
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EDIT: Looks like, at least for the Gaddis Vineyard, the MSRP was $30/bottle. I would assume to others were like priced.

Love this wine. Have opened a bottle at dinner parties and everyone just loves it. Ordered it each time it’s been on woot. In for 2!

Pretty sure this is the best deal for any of the single vineyard Chronicle Zins I’ve seen around the web yet. Even at discount prices, they’ve been going for $20-$25 each.

I’m in for 3. I’ve gotten on the last 2 Chronicle offerings and this is a must buy IMO. It’s hands down one of the best Zin’s for the money.

According to my email archive, the last known price direct from the winery on these as they were clearancing them out was $24 a bottle + shipping. The retail was $36 a bottle.

So, this is a great deal. I’ve only tried their cheaper zin, the 2006 Old Vines, which I really enjoyed, so I’ll probably be in for this.

Went in for the Old Vines last time they were up and absolutely loved them! I’ve been sitting on the last bottle because I wasn’t sure if they would come up again. I’m in for one. Anybody know how these will age? Or should they be opened and enjoyed sooner than later?