Chronicle 2006 Russian River Old Vine Zinfandel - 3 Pack

Chronicle 2006 Russian River Old Vine Zinfandel - 3 Pack
$49.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 Chronicle 2006 Russian River Valley Old Vine Zinfandel
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Winery: Can we get some fancy numbers please? TA? RS? pH? Speed of light? :tongue:

This might need just a little more time in my cellar. Sounds nice.

Website says the winemaker worked at Domaine Parent one of my favorite Burgundy’s, interesting.


Can’t help you with the first two, but that third number is about 186,000 miles per second. Fancy those numbers.

In a vacuum. Slower in other mediums.

So, just what is the absolute index of refraction for Zinfandel?

No shipping to Louisiana? That’s very unusual.

I done founds a review. Sounds interesting.

And, indeed it was, particularly with the Zinfandels. Looking back, somewhere along the line, I started to lose touch with most Zinfandels, partly because I came across too many over-ripe, seriously jammy takes on the varietal and partly because I got distracted with so many other great wines in this world. But, the Chronicle Zinfandels are unique in comparison to the Zinfandels I’m used to - they’re lighter, more acidic, not as jammy on the palate. Almost felt more like an Italian wine, like a Nebbiolo, than a Zin, with light color and heavy tannins. Very interesting and unexpected.

As much as I would love to provide you all with a spreadsheet - this appears to be an extremely limited edition kind of wine, not even listed on the winery website. And even if it were, it would be for their wine club members only, as allocations. Thus, I cannot get any kind of pricing on it.

So consider yourselves all very lucky to get this one. It’s priceless.

I’ve found old vine zin to be a refreshing change over regular, overly commercialized zin. I’m a red wine lover and the first time I was offered an old vine, I was skeptical. It was every bit as delicious as I was told it would be. I have not tasted this particular wine, but I am in for one and hoping this is another great bottle of a very unique red wine experience!

Nice. The 1st review in CT confirms this. When a guy named B&T (bridge and tunnel, haha) whose tasting history includes mostly big Napa Cabs and big Pinots pans it, it’s probably an interesting, lighter bodied wine.

The other factor is the producer also makes Pinot. If you want Zin (or Syrah) in a more elegant mode, Pinot producers are the way to go. The alcohol levels aren’t always that much lower for whatever reason, but the extraction and exaggerated features are held in check.

The winemaker Ted Lemon has somewhat of a cult following for his fresher styled Pinot Noir brand Littorai. This could be a good opportunity to see his style at modest prices.

Here’s a good article on Sonoma Old Vine Zinfandels.

Old Vine Zin

Actually not unusual at all lately. Not sure why but it’s happening quite a bit. Geaux Tigers!

It’s not just a good idea… it’s the law!

hopefully someday!

I tried to find several good reasons NOT to buy this. Wine locker is at capacity, checkbook is below capacity, it’s too hot to ship now anyway to SE Texas. Logically, it is not a good time to buy. In for two, it looked way to interesting after reading about it. And as for the price question, the link provided for the review showed it at $28 a bottle, the least expensive of the four reviewed and the favorite of the taster. With only 448 cases made, this is one of those deals you kick yourself over when it’s gone and you only have the sad wishes of “why didn’t I do that when I had the chance”. NO REGRETS!!!

Is this the same wine as the Chronicle 2006 “hundred year” Russian River Zinfandel listed on K&L for $34.99 a bottle?

EDIT: In for 1 if only to take that dumb white box off of my account. Plus, this wine sounds intriguing.