Chronicle 2006 Russian River Old Vine Zinfandel - 3 Pack

Chronicle 2006 Russian River Old Vine Zinfandel - 3 Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
3 Chronicle 2006 Russian River Valley Old Vine Zinfandel
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I don’t have any notes, but I remember these being very nice for the price.

No wonder this didn’t ring a bell…I was fresh off the Operating table! What was the general consensus on this Cesare?

Hmm… interesting tasting notes and scores. One guy gave it a 75 and hated it, and another scored it a few points higher on the second bottle after he decanted.

Am I wrong in thinking it’s sort of “common wine sense” that most times (especially reds) wines need to breathe?

So what does Old Vine get you? IIRC, I bought Old Vine Zin Wellington on here previously and I found it enjoyable, but I’m not sure how that changes the flavor of the wine. From what I understand, it does produce lower yields, but that’s about it.

Just noticed this is $5 cheaper than previous Woot plus $2 cheaper shipping. Great deal, might have to go in for one.

Russian River always yields some of the best!! I’m in for 1! :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed the Chronicle wines when I tried them - seems like a great QPR on this wine. Check out a review of the wines HERE

I got a three pack last offering and it was excellent. In for two more.

This is structured, almost austere Zin made in a classical style that goes fantastic with food. I got two sets the last time and was very pleased (have gone through 3 bottles so far). Now, with the price drop and cheaper shipping, I’m in for another two sets.

It really does benefit from a decant.

In for 1, let’s move this along people. Need to get the the REALLY good stuff! :slight_smile:

Wine tasting notes confuse the heck out of me.

I get that the wine needs air. Most of the reds I’ve had when I’ve aerated, it tasted better… more flavor. But when someone lists a whole list of flavors ending with xyz flavor at the end… how can they tell that? I can’t pick out individual flavors… it just tastes like good… well wine.

I know I sound noober than noob right now… but I don’t know how to better word my question.

I missed this the first time - haven’t been drinking/buying much wine due to some health problems. Recent trip to SF and Napa illustrated that wine’s no longer bothering me, so I’m in for 1. Love old vine zin but haven’t had anything from this winery before.

That’s the beauty of woot for you - lots of new wines to explore!

Does anyone know if Ted Lemon made this wine?

Hey! I was JUST thinking about you and wondering how you were doing. So … how are you doing?

You are not the first to ask, and will not be the last. You might try this,

woot forum about ratings

It just comes w/ time. Everyone’s palate develops over time.

When you take your sniff of the wine, just try and think about what you smell and try and pull out individual scents, w/ Red, most of the time you’ll get cherry or another red fruit, pepper, oaks etc.

When you take your drink, chew the wine, make sure each part of your tongue is thoroughly covered and swished, some people also take some air in to help. And like your nose, just try and think about the individual flavors you’re getting that make up the wine.

I usually do that for the first few drinks so I can take my tasting notes, but after that, I’m just enjoying the wine for what it is.

I’m still relatively new to wine, been drinking for around 5-7 years now, and I notice that there are many similarities with what people will taste, but there are a lot of differences. I’ll taste/smell something completely different than someone else and vice-versa.

I ordered a three pack the last time this was available and although I don’t have any tasting notes, I do remember thinking that I wished I had bought more. Thanks woot for bringing it back so I could buy more. I also do remember that it was very good on first taste but was even better after a few hours.