Chronos Universal Smart Watch Accessory with Fitness Track

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Chronos Universal Smart Watch Accessory with Fitness Track
Price: $49.99
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Just a heads up, I purchased when they were still in startup. I’ve gone through about 5 of them now due to faulty bottom plate. The responses I’ve received leads me to believe they know of the issue and have to get through the first bulk order to get to version 2.0 with better adhesive. They are really cool and the app works on iOS and Android just this fault to be aware of.

Pretty bad. I too have been through several of these although I have given up since I received the last one or I’m sure I would have gone through even more. The back plate simply falls off after a few weeks.

I can concur with the faulty back plate, I just sent my third one back. A very cool product that works great but they need to fix the back plate issue.

This would’ve worked perfectly for my watch collection. I bought the Apple watch a while back and gave it to my son. I like the connectedness but just couldn’t stand the way it looked.

Worst reviews I have ever seen on Amazon. 68% gave it only 1 star compared to 5% who gave it 5 star.

I have this and been using this in my rotation every month or so depending on the watch I use.I use this on Android 7.0 and used it on my GS7Edge. No issues with the back plate for me. I just wipe it with a damp cloth prior to installing on a watch. I also try to use a smaller 40mm-ish watch and a shark mesh band to see the leds. It’s pretty cool.

FYI, the Android version is almost there, but not all there. But for 50 bux here, I’d jump on it if I didn’t already have one. And the Android app is currently in “Open beta” so anyone can request to be on it.

Does anyone know which band it comes with? Is it worth the purchase if there’s all these faults with it or is the company good about replacing it and making it easy?

is the version being sold today, 7/27/17 iOS and Android? The title of the page says “iOS” but the description says both. Which is wrong?

Looks like there is no band, it attaches to the back of your existing watch.

Vendor confirms it’s both.

Booo. Just got email that says they can’t fulfill the order. Booo

Unfortunately, I also received an email saying the order couldn’t be fulfilled. What’s the story?

Either the vendor couldn’t count or he didn’t ship them. Rather than continue to hold your money, we canceled the order. :frowning:

sounds good, thanks for the reply.