Chuck's Curve



It’s Charlie Brown’s shirt! Get it?


Yup, give that man an A in math.


Should be lower on the shirt.


I didn’t. Thank you very much for explaining it!!!


EDIT:Someone doesn’t know their sine functions. That should be y=3cos((x+0.7)*2)

Scratch that: TI-83 is giving me a different answer than Google. Looks like google is right though. Sorry if I sacred anybody.

Also, am I the only one that is missing the point? Inside joke?



The math checks out.

cos(x) = sin(x + pi/2)

in radians of course


Nope, a B at best. The drawn curve is not vertically symmetrical around y = 0, so it should be something more like this.

y = 2.5 * sin( (x + 0.7) * 2 ) + 0.5


Shouldn’t it be a triangle wave around the belly?


Uhmmmm…not it doesn’t, the shirt goes from 3 to -2. It should be from 3 to -3 on the Y axis.


That is some serious cryptomnesia in the write-up…


The peaks of the shirt are indeed lining up around +3, 0, and -3 like they should.


With no scale on the axes, pretty much any sine or cosine function here would work…as far as the amplitude and frequency goes. Chuck strikes me as a sin-with-a-phase-shift more than a cosine guy anyway.

Alternate Ending


You guys keep trying to explain what the shirt means, but all I read is “Wah, wah wah, wah wah wah.”


Should be “- .7”, not “+ .7”.


aargh! Every post is causing calculus flashbacks. It’s a nightmare!


They should be lining up around Y=+3 and Y=-3, because 3 is the amplitude in Y which affects it’s height (in the y-direction). The previous comment is correct.


Great use of the lemon blank, which is solely underused! And now we know which woot shirt is being worn by the kid in the front row.

Great shirt, Nathan, very clever!


Chuck’s shirt did NOT have a sine wave. It had a zig-zag sharp-cornered symbol.