Oh god this is brilliant. I may have to grab one of these…

You can wear this shirt if you time travel back to when Chuck Norris jokes were funny/relevant.

The atomic number should have been over 9000.

Oh golly, you guys really went there…

I dunno, Xenon has a pretty wicked roundhouse kick.

I’m not buying this shirt unless it includes season 2 of Walker, Texas Ranger.

FINALLY! A shirt that conveys the fact that I enjoyed watching Walker: Texas Ranger without saying I actually watched it.

In 4 1.

I don’t get it.

Chuck Norris doesn’t believe in the periodic table because the only element he recognizes is the element of surprise!

This is AWESOME! I haven’t bought a shirt for a long time, but I may have to go for this one… Very clever.

It’s not 2006 anymore.

Hmmm, I don’t get the feeling like the table has been “roundhouse kicked” …

Let the onslaught of Chuck Norris facts begin!

I’m assuming that if this is Chuck Norris’s favorite element, that his second would be the element of surprise.

Haha, that’s hilarious!

Tsk tsk. Of everything the artists could’ve put 9001 instead of 1000.

Son, I am disappoint.

lol @ Over 9000

I need this. I’m a chemist. We’re not allowed to wear word shirts at work, but I know my boss can’t stand up to Chuck

I am not a thirteen year old in 2008, ergo I do not find this shirt very funny.

This shirt is a little late to catch the Chuck Norris bandwagon.