chumby 8

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chumby 8
$119.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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[Google Product Link]( 8 CHB805&tbm=shop)

Bring back the sony dash! Please! You put it on last night at 3am and I missed it! Stupid me for going to sleep.

Wasn’t this $99 last week?

10 bucks cheaper on sellout a week ago . . .

Could be a while before we get another item…

$150 on Amazon. I’ve never seen one of these before.

They either have about 5 or 250 is my guess. The first person looks like he/she bought 3.

It’s like, totally awesome.

Looks like a Dash and a tablet had a baby…

look at the back of this usb 1.0.
too ancient.

4 have sold and the bar hasn’t moved. Get some popcorn, this is going to be a while.

Woot, I may be the only one left who wants one of those HP Quads. But, I’m going to bed. Maybe you could slip one into this here woot-off about 8:00 CST, 'kay?


how long are woot offs? days?

Looks like nobody is buying this.

someone buy me one for christmas so I can use it for target practice.

So if I had a external CD burner and the right drivers and app it would only take 10 hours to make the theoretical CD.

This reminds me of $200 photo frames lol

4 sold already

crap there’s at least 4! :frowning: