chumby 8

4 sold in 3 mins

so… is that a chumby in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

…and it was deformed!

(I hope SOMEONE has a chubby for a chumby or we’ll be here all, freakin, night.)

Sounds like slang for an erection!

I like how woot’s logo is actually on the box. I wonder if that has anything to do with woot selling them.

Ever since i found out that chumby apps can force you to watch ads, i ve avoided buying their crap. In addition i ve made sure that none of my less tech-savvy friends get conned into buying this device. The fact that the chumby biz model is based on ads should be more prominently featured (and is a big reason why the whole chumby marketplace is going the way of the dodo).

Want a Buccaneer Of Cement, not just Cement…

Okay, woot gods. I am going to risk going to sleep. Please save the buckyballs until 8 am EST or so for me. Cheers.

The bar the bar!

3/5 Star review over on

Anyone know - can you use your XM online account and listen to XM broadcasts with this?

Cmon woot. Wheres the Razer Mamba I’ve been waiting this whole time for!?

If I had a NEW COMPUTER I wouldn’t need a Chumby.

If this was on a previous woot, I can’t find it. Link, please.

someone actually bought 3 of these?!

71% >25 woots why are the veterans all over this? Some explain the appeal.

CES 2011 review


I believe that’s for numbering the ports… watch closely, they are labeled USB 1 and USB 2

The razar mamba comes 2morrow.

Now buy this picture frame so we can all move on!