chumby 8

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chumby 8
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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what happens when you guess it correctly??

So this is what a chumby is… could have sworn is was a bad 90s band… chumbywumba

If you knock it down, it gets right back up!

Anyone have experience with these? Been looking for a frame for my aunt, wanted the Phillips 8" Frame that was offered before but only one was sold.

Is this worth the $30 extra?

This is a great savings!
On Amazon its reg.$199.99 on sale $99.99

  • 13.56 shipping!

Well TT it’s all your fault.
Since I got my First Boc Which I swore I got 1 before. (I was Wrong)
I did finally figure out my old account just a moment ago LOL.
sadly only 4 sales 7 items total on my old account. Now only if they could be merged for items purchased lol.

I noticed the previous one had a remote and it seems this one does not… not sure if your Aunt would want a remote but it might be something you want to consider

This looks so interesting. Wish I had the $$ to give it a try. I have been looking for something that streams internet radio stations to put in the bedroom. Right now I just leave the tv w/roku on a timer to fall asleep. Would love Pandora, etc., at the bedside.

Only downside is Chumby not compatible with
I phone!

TT Might need to pull the skip card on this one… yikes!

I’m more worried it’ll have too many features she won’t use and it’ll end up being too complicated for her.

If you can afford it you should get one!Its
Not compatible with my iphone or I would.
Much cheaper here then Amazon!

Though I have always thought the Chumby was a great little idea, apparently there weren’t enough like-minded people to support the company.

In April, the company announced it was halting hardware production and sales. You can draw your own conclusions about what that means for support and long-term availability of the widgets that make the Chumby so useful.

As attractive as the price is, I’m afraid I’m going to pass on this one.

Ive seen it in action its relatively very easy
To use!

I still blame the cat.

The cat:


Yea that is a bummer

My personal opinion is if your Aunt isn’t very up to date with technology, get her the cheaper one… she probably wouldn’t know the difference between the 2 anyways

Chumby is looking to sell off their assets, and their network is apparently due to go down after the summer based on this article:

After that, you got yourself a nifty little paperweight.