chumby 8

A) I don’t have that power
B) Chumby’s are cool.

when does the woot-off end

As much as I like this device, I’m going to end up passing, something simpler would be better for her.

lol. I can’t believe it took me since
7-12-09 to figure out my old account. I have had way too many email accounts.

I atleast still use half the items I bought from 08-09

I miss the deals from back in 08-09

So its a Tablet?!?!??

At midnight. This looks like a 2 day Woot-Off, but you never know, they could surprise us. Max I’ve seen is 3 days.

Should end tonight at midnight.

I thought about getting one of these in the past when offered on Woot, then decide I don’t want the additinal light pollution in the bedroom

One of my fav hammy videos:



Not a tablet, more of a self contained RSS streaming box that requires a wall outlet (no built in battery)

It is tablet like. Uses a touch screen to control and pretty much dependent on the internet for installing applications. As a stand alone device it has enough installed features to be useful even if the website that hosts the apps goes down. You can use it to stream/play music(it has surprisingly good sound and loud stereo speakers), a nice bedside alarm clock, and a picture slideshow viewer for example w/o the need to load an app. The apps are free to download.

One thing to keep in mind is once you get it, don’t procrastinate registering the device and getting the most current updates as well as downloading any of the apps that interest you. It should work fine by itself once that is done even if the site goes down.

On the lowest setting, it isn’t too bright at night. Just choose a clock app that has a dark background if you have a concern about excessive light when sleeping.

There is some custom offline firmware that will prove useful when finally shuts off the lights:

Unfortunately, this is not true. Chumby downloads the control panel every time it restarts. So, if they servers go dark, your Chumby will be useless. And for the record, the company is all but shut down now.

You can search the Chumby forum and find some software tools for taking your Chumby “offline” but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone that doesn’t want to tinker with it.