chumby one: Smart Internet Companion

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chumby one: Smart Internet Companion
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I just said, I feel a woot off…well dang am i right!


first its finals … man … i got to study …

First ! Not this POS again … boooo


I’ve actually lived to experience the beginning of a woot off. Crossing that one off my bucket list now!

Oh no,and I thought I was going to get some sleep tonight

W_ _T - _ _F ?


Cnet review:

On amazon:

Hooray for the w00t off!

No way!

Woooot Offff!

I think I feel a cold coming on, no work for me tomorrow :slight_smile:

Oh shi- a woot-off!?
Well, there’s goes my productivity at work tomorrow.

what a way to start it =/


I bought a Sony Dash last time it was on Woot. I prefer it over the Chumby because of the Snooze button and easy alarm clock features.

I was just playing with my Woot Sony Dash when this come up. I love the Dash. Don’t know how this compares. I prefer the black of the Dash.