chumby one: Smart Internet Companion

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chumby one: Smart Internet Companion
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Dumby? what is that thing?

Looks like this is going to go slow. Supper time!

How many apps do you have for that?

There was a guy on D.W that wanted a Chumby at this price. I wish I could remember his name…

Which is better this or the Dashboard that was on the other day? Are they kind of the same thing?

Great Caesars Ghost!!!

Where do they find this stuff???

This listing scares me. Wasn’t there a movie about these things, you know Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Mutant Boy Yodelers, or something along those lines?

It is like an iPad that has to wear a helmet and ride the short bus.

Is the Cheerios App included?

This woot is almost as bad as trying to remember how many times it’s already been on woot…

Chumba Wumba

Anyone know if they have any e-mail apps? My grandmother can’t quite handle a computer but we’d like her to be able to read e-mails.

I know we could get her an iPad, but that’s a bit pricey.

so…does it have a clock app and can it wake me up in the morning to my itunes? :smiley:

Is that a chumby or the box that a chumby comes in?

I have a chumby that i bought from a previous woot. Big fan. Different people have different uses and expectations. I use mine as a kick ass alarm clock. I can set as many alarms as I want, I can have it automatically dim at night and I can wake up to pandora. I went through about 10 different alarm clocks before settling on the chumby.

Looks like mini Lite-Brite … Just punch in some bulbs

Not sure about Itunes, but there are lots of music options. It has a radio tuner (old school). It can also play music off a USB stick. I use Pandora, but I know it has shoutcast as well.

did the ba g of cra p happen yet?