Cinematik AV1000 TV Stand w/ Sound System





No but it has optical audio.


So you can HDMI to your tv and then the optical audio to the stand right? Or am I missing something here?


Normally for something like this you hdmi/optical to your tv then run the tv’s optical/digital out to the speakers.


But then you’re using two remotes or potentially three. One for the source, one for the TV and one for the stand’s audio. LOL!

I suppose you could set the TV volume output at a fixed level and only use the stand’s remote for volume or visa-versa.

Or you need a universal remote to deal with it all. Not only that but I see no output for a sub-woofer. I see it says it has a 6" sub-woofer but I can’t see where it would be unless it’s down-firing.

Now you’re stuck taking audio out of your TV which may or may NOT allow you to change the output volume level. That’s up to the TV manufacturer.

I have that problem with my 42" LG in the bedroom. While it has digital output (which I’m sending to a sub-woofer) it doesn’t adjust with the TV volume.

And the biggest issue I see is the 10% distortion level. What? I’ve never seen such a high distortion specification. Is that a mistype? Is it really 1% which would still be high.

People need to take these factors into consideration when buying such things. :slight_smile:


That’s why the Electronics Woot of the Day is the Harmony Remotes! :slight_smile:

I really love this IDEA, but it looks to be a poor execution for a lot of modern setups (HDMI for starters).


Yep. I already have the Harmony Remote. :slight_smile: I have the original Harmony One and now this Ultimate they have listed. Got it last time it was on sale here.

They are both awesome! The refurbished one is just like brand new. I’m still using the original one in my living room.


After sitting here debating for 45 minutes I pulled on this. Will be sitting under a 70" Sharp which will extend about 9" beyond either side. Think the TV weighs about 80 lbs. Specs say this stand weighs 81 lbs, that finally sold me.Hopefully the top is reinforced and wont start sagging in a year. I’m not expecting audiophile sound of course but for everyday non movietime use it should sound a lot better then the TV’s built in drivers. Wish me luck with the wife, she don’t know yet. She’s been on a lets build everything out of pallets kick.


Or, for people who just need to conserve space, and hate wires. Most speakers are rated by area, but my living room is very small. So this would be perfect.


Any reviews from previous buyers please?


I got one last time around. The unit is a nice size, shipped in one piece so be ready for that.

The unit has 6 speakers on the front and 1 sub under the top deck and ports out the left side.

In my experience, I’m not as stoked as I once was. The optical input is very quiet (not sure if its my TV or this unit) but found myself maxing it out several times. I switched to the analog input, from the headphone jack of the TV. This gives my a bit more control of the tone and bass. I just set the TV vol to about 3 quarter’s and then adjust on unit.

I think more so this has convinced me to look for a sound bar setup. This would be fine for a bedroom, but not if you are looking for any sort of emersive sound quality. These just shoot straight out.


Two questions-Will this stand work with my computer sound?
Question 2-Can I use this stand with a Yamaha sound bar? the remote for the sound bar does not work.


Can any one tell me what its made out of? is it wood or some thing else? also is it durable?


I pulled the trigger on this as well. Even though there are a lot of negatives my use is simply for the bedroom. I figure I can remove the big 8" sub-woofer I have hiding in my closet and the requisite digital to analog converter I was using for that from my 42" LG.

This should serve all my needs and save me a bit of space as well. It’s got to sound better than the speakers on the TV. :slight_smile:

If it ever comes around again at least I can do a review. I searched all over for a review and there are none that I could find. Also, this thing was expensive originally it would seem.

Here’s hoping! :slight_smile:


It will work with computer sound. You just need the right connection. It has a built-in amp.


The stand is constructed from Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) panels that are laminated with a black plastic film.


I wish this thing wasn’t shipped completely assembled. I guess it’s nice for some I just have no idea how I’d get it up the stairs to my apartment.


If you’re around when the delivery person comes, ask them to help you. They’re usually really nice about it. or, did it get there and NOW you’re wondering wth to do?


I bought this last time around and I think it is a great deal for the money but keep in mind that this isn’t a high powered set-up. I use it in my sons bedroom (around 12x16?) and it works great. The sound is pretty decent, the bass is there but it’s far from thumping. It has 2 left speakers, 2 right speakers and 2 center speakers that fire from the front. The left side has a port for an enclosed subwoofer. Don’t even bother with the optical, because it sounds better (and louder) when the line output is amplified. The best way I found to use it was to use the line out of the TV and control the volume via the TV while I keep the volume on the TV stand fixed at 80%. I also have the bass and treble cranked via the TV stand and EQ Flat out of the TV output- but this is user preference you could set the EQ on the TV out and run the stand flat if you prefer (trial and error see what’s best in your case). Keep in mind that optical or even HDMI (if it had it) would not make a noticeable difference in sound quality (even if loudness weren’t affected) because the amplifier and speakers in these systems don’t have the ability to resolve the sound to that extent. The stand is a great size, comes preassembled and is really decent quality and really pretty sturdy. I would say the stand itself is worth about $100 even if you choose not to use the built-in audio. For those DIYs if you didn’t like the audio, you could switch out some components yet still have the built-in look.