Cinque Gemma Red Cuvée (3)

Sapphire Hill 2009 Cinque Gemma “California Chianti” Red Cuvée 3-Pack
$74.99 (Normally $120.00) 38% off List Price
2009 Cinque Gemma Red Cuvée, North Coast
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6/18/12 (Plus)

Any manipulation? Acid addition? Mega Red/Purple?

This place is, hands down, my favorite winery, and I’ve been all over northern California! Lisa and Chris are wonderful people, are always pouring in their tasting room (which makes for a GREAT time!) and their juice is fantastic. I wish this included a trip to their winery… For those close enough to do so, head up to Healdsburg, you will NOT regret it! As far as this specific wine goes, it’s a very nice, easy drinker, perfect with any pizza or pasta dish.

I’ve also tasted through this winery’s lineup before and have purchased several wines here. Unfortunately, this was several years ago and I don’t remember what I bought or drank, but I remember enjoying it. Sorry I can’t speak to this specific wine…

I’ve had some very nice Pinot from this winery!

Thank goodness, I was really was getting ready to bust my new self imposed price cap when I saw Virginia isn’t on the list-saved from myself. This sounds like a VERY nice spaghetti wine and we do love our spaghetti,

Hmmm, $25/bottle for an easy drinking pizza wine? Doesn’t sound like a good QPR.

That was my thought, as well.

According to the woot discount posted here, people are spending $40 a bottle for an easy drinking pizza wine. What the ?

Is this correct? I’m in VA, bought their wines previously from WW, and really enjoyed the pinot and chardonnay (the latter being exceptional).

Easy drinking yes, pizza wine no.
I have no problem paying $25 for a good easy drinking medium bodied red but when the pizza wine descriptor is used it makes me think of a Tuesday night wine. Last weeks Cycles Gladiator case is a perfect example of a good Tuesday night wine. $25 a bottle is more like a Saturday/Sunday night wine with a big hearty home meal.

Bringing flak cannons online.

Getting somewhat off-topic here, but the descriptors “spaghetti wine” and “pizza wine” drive me crazy, specifically when they are used as code for “not very good.”
Heck, if ever there’s a good time to break out the good stuff, it’s when you’re eating pizza or pasta, imo. Two of the world’s great foodstuffs deserve great wine!

Nothing wrong with having a great wine with spaghetti-my sauce simmers all day and it certainly deserves the best wine-

Indeed!! My sauce has wine in it!!

No, it’s not correct. Virginia is on the ship-to list.

Somebody can’t count. Obviously, there should be five of these wines.

…love Sapphire Hill’s wines. Great Pinot and Zin, and then there’s this baby… thick, rich and yummy. A great Cal-Italia food wine.

Thanks for asking. At Sapphire Hill we hand select each barrel and do not add outside products such as mega red. We spend our efforts blending the right wines to showcase our wines.

We hope you enjoy our Cinque Gemma Blend! Chris

Thanks for the discussion. At Sapphire Hill we have customers that think our $50 Pinot Noirs are their everyday wine and others that hold our Cinque Gemma for their Anniversary dinner. I will say that since we introduced thing wine in April this year it is our best selling wine with most sales at $40 per bottle. If you would be willing to try our wines I hope you would find them enjoyable. Cheers Chris