Cirago Network USB Storage Link NAS

Less than stellar reviews over at Amazon.

Got a PogoPLug “dockstar” for $13.99, and it is also DNLA compliant. Yeah, awesome deal.

Dunoo WOOT, you used to have good deals years ago, now you can barely compete with Amazon, Walmart, and Samsclub. If you noticed, I stopped buying from you last year… You blew it somehow…

Yeah, was gonna say this is what, the new PoGoPlug? I got one of the 2nd gen models years ago. It was OK for a bit but have moved up to real NAS boxes, network drives. 13 bucks is a deal though if you have a few external drives you want to put on the network.

I would pay no more than $20 for this device.

No gigabit Ethernet, no USB 3.0, no WiFi access.

USB 2.0 + network interface = SLOW AS CHRISTMAS. Just sayin’.