Dedicated to the birds of Arkansas.

Surrounded by identity disks, all blue and white…that bird has been to The Grid!

Oh, I am SUCH a sucker for avian art. Every single shirt.woot I own has a bird on it except for the one from the art deco derby. I LOVE this one. Purchased immediately!

did anyone else see two sequenty white eyes and a big frowny face first then realize the left eye was its beak and the frowny face was its neck??

I definitely saw the beak as a second eye and the neck design as a mouth. I was horrified for a moment.

this is sick. i bought 2.

glad to know i wasn’t the only one!!! B^)

For some reason I thought this was an Emperor Zurg bird. I think I have watched way too much Toy Story.

Very cute! I’m waffling as usual depending on how my random turns out.

Yep, with big teeth…that and the colors makes it look like Bizarro animated Batman (not necessarily a bad thing)


Thanks dude, now I can’t un-see it.

I personally see Space Ghost, but he did always kind of look like a bird…

thats the only way i CAN see it. and also why im buying it.

It’s a cognitive illusion, and it’s AWE-SOME.

Yeah, I have to struggle to see it any other way. It creeps me out :frowning:

He kind of looks like Venom or Space Ghost…or SpaceVenom. Bird. SpaceVenomBird…Man.

The cold meds are hitting…I shall roll off to the dumbery and sleep now.

I don’t get it. No offense to the artist, I’m just probably not cultured enough to get the surrealism.

Whether or not it’s “clever”, there’s a fine line between clever and that other thing.

that other thing = bacon :slight_smile: