Circulon Cookware



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All you cooking fools out there, how do you rate this set, do you think it’s quality or crap? Just looking for an expert opinion before I buy.


I’ve looked at these before, and they seem solid. I have a friend who has a set at their summer home that they’ve had for a few years and they seem like they’ve held up nicely. I know that they DO NOT put them in the dishwasher, which I think is the secret to any nonstick pan holding up. I thought about buying some, but having ridges in the non-stick surface seems so non-intuitive to me, even after I’ve seen it work with my own two eyes…


Butter curry pork. Yummm!


I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a good solid set of cookware. We’ve been using a similar set in our house for over 6 years now and they’ve held up very well.


About the “Elite 8 & 10” Skillets" – isn’t that the same set that has for $31?

And has anyone out there really used metal utensils on these pans without damaging them?


Thanks for the info. I am looking to upgrade what I have at home, as a x-mas gift to myself, so I am willing to spend some big bucks on a good set that will last a long time. Does anybody have a recommendation for some top of the line stuff?


I have in a pinch. I would not recommend it as the norm by any means but yes they do handle metal utensils fairly well. It will definitely shorten the life of the pots and pans. Ours started to show wear after 6+ years of abuse having silverware, steak knives thrown in them while in they soaked in the sink etc… The non-stick on these is quality and doesn’t chip easily or peel away in sections when chipped like the cheap stuff.


Do the lids fit on the skillets?? If you want to simmer an all-in-one dish this is necessary!


We have had one of the 5 qt. saute’ pans for a very long time and it actually finally wore out (at least enough that we want to replace it since we use it all the time).
Circulon is great for non-stick, the best we’ve found and all we buy any more. I just decided to replace it and was so happy to find it on woot! While it is elsewhere for a similar price, I trust Woot!. And should I happen to find something else on the woot-off today, shipping would be free for it.


I had a set of Circulon pots and pans that lasted 5-6 years always handwashed and rarely exposed to metal utensils. It was decent cookware, but I wouldn’t buy another set. I didn’t find it to be truly nonstick, more like stick resistant, and when stuff did stick (chorizo comes to mind), the ridges made it difficult to scrape out.

I’ve since replaced the Circulon stuff with Calphalon which is 9 years old and going strong, for everday cooking, and a high quality teflon pan for the occasion I need a truly nonstick surface.


I bought a similar set at costco for $150 on sale about a year ago. They are a step below the Premier. On mine the lids fit the 8" and 10" french skillets, so I’d guess they fit these as well. (mine has a 12" open skillet that doesn’t have a lid)

I love my pans.


I’ve had my circulon classic set for 9 years and it’s still in amazing shape. I’m guilty of occasionally using metal utensils (whisks especially, those dumb silicone coated whisks just don’t work as well) but I don’t put them in the dishwasher. Sometimes food does get stuck in the ridges, that is why they put a little brush cleaner in the set, sometimes you have to work it in a circular manner to get food out of the ridges. That only seems to happen when I’ve overcooked something, though. It can be annoying but of course, that’s why the nonstick coating lasts, it’s the ridges that take the brunt of a scrape.

I would highly recommend them for nonstick. In addition they are heavy and heat evenly, even on my crappy electric stove. My biggest complaint is that the sides are stained from oil/grease, I can’t get the stains off with basic washing.


Both my parents and I have the open stir fry. It worked great for 2-3 years. We would always wash it by hand with a soft sponge and were careful to use non-metal spatulas.

My parents’ pan degraded first, cause they used it more than me. The non-stick coating started flaking off near the center. My pan is beginning to do the same too.

It has limited lifetime warranty… not sure if it’s worth sending them back in.

I have another little no-name brand non-stick skillet I use very often…and it still works like a charm!


I own a Circulon Infinite set (pretty similar to the elite; main difference are the handles), and LOVE it.

I use the skillets daily, and while I’m good about not using metal utensils, I frequently put the cookware into the dishwasher. Not that I really need to. Most of the time, I can just rinse them clean with running water or wiping them down with a wet paper towel. Stuff just don’t stick! I don’t use cooking oil or sprays.

Also used them in the oven.

And everything still looks as good as the day I bought it: no chips, scratches or discoloration. Best cookware I’ve ever spent money on.


Yes, that is my biggest complaint too. Have you gotten the stains off at all? I can’t. It doesn’t bother me that much but it would be nice if they didn’t look so bad on the sides and bottom.


Damn you woot! I try to take a day to think about buying and you sell out. I’ve been around long enough I should know better than to wait.


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