Circulon Genesis 10-Pc Cookware Set



Circulon Genesis 10-Pc Cookware Set
Price: $69.99
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My husband bought this set for MUCH more $$$. On the upside, we love it!


I bought this exact set a little over a month ago for $80. They aren’t gourmet, but for under $100 I’d certainly say they are a very solid buy. My wife and I cook quite a lot, and we would not hesitate to buy this set again.

The Pros: great little starter set, all the basic sizes/types you regularly use, metal utensil safe, PFOA-free, glass lids, easy to clean (hand wash only), construction seems sound, heat up quickly with as good of heat distribution as you can get with aluminum.

The Cons: not dishwasher-safe, handles do get hot (mostly just on the lids), be aware this is non-anodized aluminum so it is a soft metal which is prone to warping in high heat as well as scratching (I have yet to notice any myself).

As I said before, I think this is well worth the price. I’d be quite surprised if you end up regretting it.


Seems to be working now.


Hate the grooves. Hard to clean!


This is probably among the most ignorant “guy” questions ever asked but I’ve always avoided buying pans with metal handles. Many of the nicer cooking pan sets feature it and in fact tout it as a good thing. Don’t you have to always then use an oven mitt or pot holder. What am I missing? Why are metal handles a good thing?


Makes them oven safe to a higher temp.

edit: I “break the rules” and put my plastic handled pans in the oven up to 400 and have never had a handle melt or warp. But I’d feel more comfortable roasting at a higher temp with metal handles.


I am sure that red color is what makes this such a “hot” deal…NOT…