Circulon Infinite Hard Anodized Nonstick 10-Pc Set

Time to check out the product page

and calls this “perfect”

I LOVE my circulon. Just an added note…they’re the only nonstick I know of, that allows & encourages the use of Metal utensils, and it doesn’t void the warranty

I have the original type, which I bought 20 years ago, for my first apartment. I got the full set, before every celeb chef had their own line… I have a “Martin Yan” Circulon Wok, and an “Emeril” Circulon Roaster. . . they all rock.

So far they have survived 20 years of near-daily use, about 5 moves & 10 relationships…and still going strong.

my GF and I just bought her mom , her first Circulon, and she loves it as well.

I think this “Infinite” Line is the best of the Circulon, because the all-metal handle handles higher oven-temps…the Plastic ones like I have are only rated 400 degrees, I believe.

Tons of great reviews on

This looks like a great set. Costco has a similar 13-piece set for $199.

That set is a lower line, has the silicon handles, that only go to 400-deg in the oven.

The Circulon Infinity 10-piece that’s here on Woot, is $415 at JCP…

The ‘circles’ make Pan Searing very difficult. Moisture collects in the grooves, preventing the pan’s surface from heating sufficiently to allow caramelization. Forget pan-seared scallops. The pans work well for everything else.

Everyone on Woot has the problem, myself included, of comparing cookware with something they bought 20 years ago with the same name brand. Don’t do it; you will be disappointed.

Can anyone vouch for this being good for induction stoves?

We got this exact set after we switched our stovetop to Induction a couple years ago. It works great for Induction. At the time, Costco had this exact set for about $260. That is where we bought it.

We actually ended up supplementing it with an Ikea dutch-over style pan with a glass lid. My wife actually uses the Ikea pot more than most of the rest of it, but it’s mostly just because she likes the shape of that one and that it doesn’t have “corners” along the bottom.

Great, thanks for the response!

I have 2 Circulon skillets that work wonderfully, and they are induction cooktop ready. The following has been copied from a Circulon advertisement -

Suitable for all stovetops:
This cookware is suitable for all stovetops, including induction and ceramic or glass cooktops, and is oven safe to 500�F.

I consider this a great buy. I recently purchased a Circulon set from Macy’s after agonizing between this brand and Cuisinart.

I purchased the Circulon Espree w/rubber handles simply for the lighter weight, but if you can lift it, this is worth it. Circulon can be used with metal utensils, just no dishwasher (but who would do that?).

Cleanup is easy. One issue is storage of the lids, as the handles are high. I have to invert most of mine on top of the pot to store, but my storage space is low.

I’ve seen this set and it’s quality. Circulon sells this directly for over $100 more (and I’ve bought more pieces directly from them as their prices are competitive):

I have had no issues, and the warranty is great.

I have the Espree set as well. Probably one of the best ‘investments’ I ever made. Absolutely awesome cookware. After 3 years of heavy use, they show very very little signs of wear. I highly endorse this product.

The specs on this set say that they are dishwasher safe (and I am the “who” who would do that-LOL).

Is this 10 or 6 pieces- it says 10.but description is for six pieces?

6 pots/pans, 4 lids =10

Do the handles on this get hot?

I’ve had this cookware set for almost a year. Best I’ve ever used. I use it on induction and, unlike the Costco almost counterpart, my cooktop accepts the entire set.

The handles on the lids sometimes heat up too much to handle but the handles on the pots never seem to heat up too much.

The price? This is very good, but Amazon had a one-day price drop last year for under 140.


I just bought this set a few weeks ago found that simply boiling water on the stove will get the handles quite warm. Hot pads or little handle ‘sleeves’ are recommended.