Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Nighthawk Watch



ohhhhhhh Fathers Day…very smart woot!


Beautiful watch from an excellent company. I would be very interested in this one if I didn’t love my collector’s Usagi Yojimbo watch so much.

Grrr, I really do like this one, though. So tempting…


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EcoDrive watches are really nice - if I didn’t already have a titanium EcoDrive Skyhawk, I’d be all over this one.

If you’re looking for a reliable watch that never needs batteries, get this!


I am seing this on froogle for at least 60 bucks more, so good woot. But I am one of those young (26) people that hate to wear watches.


Go to for email and SMS text message notifications; great service to have during Woot Offs.


I’ll give ya $50 for it! $130 is too much for a watch.


206 + Shipping on amazon

sorry I don’t know how to just post a shortcut


Amazon has this for $189.00 (plus free shipping I think).


Froogle $149.95 link


sweeeeeet… but … im not gonna spend 130$$ on a ticktock.

sigh… about to leave to buy a in dash receiver(for $130 :stuck_out_tongue: ) for my car. … i sure hope one doesnt come on here.


A Citizen? Come on woot…give me the Tag Heuer!


Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Nighthawk Watch
$129.99+ $5 shipping

1 Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Nighthawk Watch BJ7000-01E


If everybody calls their respective grandpas we might get this sold before midnight.


Price Grabber Price Range: $143.80 - $167.00 from 3 Sellers

Froogle says $149 but when you go to the site they have it at $169 when you put it in your cart.

Tis a good deal.


Does it work at night? on a rechargeable batt? does it need a nightlight?

are YOU afraid of the dark?


Froogle: $149.95
Amazon: $189.00

Great price for what it is, but what it is is really, really expensive to begin with.


I’ve got another Citizen’s Eco-Drive watch (not this one). Been running strong for close to 5 years now, never have to change a battery, never have to worry about charging it as the drive to/from work is all the exposure it needs to the sun to stay fully charged for a week.


Oh man… if it wasn’t for the fact I already have a good watch and I carry a cell and a blackberry everywhere so I never even look at my watch I would be all over this…

Don’t like the wristband but $130 for an ecodrvie seems like a great deal!