Citronella Plants with 4" Pot & Soil

Before you purchase this plant thinking it will repel mosquitoes a little google search will tell you it will not. It’s a scented geranium nothing more. It smells like citronella but rubbing the leaves on your skin will not repel mosquitoes I have tried it and seconds later watched one land on my arm. I have them still from several years ago. They smell good if you like citronella scent but the true plant that the oil is extracted from looks like lemon grass a very big looking lemon grass.
You’re better off getting other strong scented plants that will help keep mosquitoes away like lavender, marigolds, and several other plants (google it). Lemon grass from what I read will but only if you crush the leaves. And spreading it around the area/yard/doorway.
FYI this mosquito plant will root from clippings but use growing tips to start a new plant.

Bought the two-pack. Both arrived barely alive, one survived and the other quickly died. Not a great deal.

I’m very sorry. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Read the description carefully. It doesn’t actually claim that it will repel mosquitos because it won’t. It may smell like a citronella candle but mosquito repelling citronella comes from a totally different plant. It may repel other insects.

Thank you for your post. Gotta say I am a little disappointed with myself for almost falling for this.

Same here, I have reached out to customer support.

What type of inserts does this repel exactly? The black ones or red ones?

Ooh - double whammy, caught by the spell checker as I’m typing this message. Apparently it’s “mosquitoes”.

Don’t worry I fell for it a long time ago. It’s a nice plant and I do like the citronella/lemon citrus smell but it will not keep mosquitoes away. I still have a few potted and one is fairly big. I’ve been tempted to root some clippings and take them with me to the stores that sell them and give them away to customers planning on buying it.
It’s nothing but a marketing scam. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a lawsuit.

Bought the 4 pack. One arrived dead so l reached out to the seller and they refunded $5.00 even though the plants cost $6.25 each. Hopefully The seller will buy a calculator The next time they go on sale. The second one died the next day. If only I had read these 100% negative reviews. Don’t buy plants online is the lesson I learned.

Please remember that these have a Woot warranty so you should contact our customer service.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.