City chaos

Hey guys! My city chaos tee from this city themed derby is up for votting at the dbh site in a cool black big sized version. Please don’t miss it and comme by give m a little hand on this.

You’ll have better luck if you post this here.

You do know that Woot holds the rights to your design for 60 days once you’ve submitted it, even if it doesn’t print, right?

Hi. I know that. I’ve been participating a lot in many derbies. Everyone here is cool enough to let a graphic designer who contributes to the woot business go ahead and try to make some profit with his creations once woot was given priority. I’ve been printed twice an I always propose my creations to woot through derby or artist program. I know that a rule is a rule. But I trust woot’s good sens.

seems to me that you’re taking advantage rather than being all respectable and stuff.

I can assure you that the advantage is not quite on my side.