Cityscapes from UltraMurals

The picture of Las Vegas is nice and all but it is old. The Aladdin turned into Planet Hollywood about 10 years ago.

Also if you were to stand in the exact spot where that picture was taken all you would see now is the side of the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Same with Chicago. I don’t see the Trump tower.

Salt Lake City with the backdrop of he Rocky Mountains would have been a winner. But then, we got Detroit didn’t we? A crumbling ghost of a city that is the symbol of all things gone wrong.

If that’s not the single most cliche’d shot of Seattle, I don’t know what is.

Pittsburgh’s photo looks like its from 1999 if I had to guess (That’s the year PNC Park broke ground and you can see a construction crane at it’s present site on the left)

This is a good thing.


The Austin one is nice, but it, too, is way out of date. It is missing several towers that have gone up over the past several years. Most notable of these are the Frost Tower and the Austonian, the former having opened in 2003.

Once again, no love for Memphis. There’s even a cool bridge in the river view!

le sigh.


Once again, Pierre, SD is left out of beautiful cityscape murals.


No Cincinnati either.

And I think St. Louis is missing the new Cardinals stadium.

absolutely correct.
keep the comb over do in New York!

Oh and missing Milwaukee…

Go check out the site if you can’t find the picture you want listed here. They have other options… (i had said something else, the had to edit it because I realized I misread what I was saying… so please ignore me).

Why hate on Detroit? Completely uncalled for.