CitySlips Foldable Ballet Flats - 3 Colors

**Item: **CitySlips Foldable Ballet Flats - 3 Colors
Price: $9.99
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Condition: New

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This has to be a joke. Woot has reached a new low.

It’s not a joke. I’ve purchased these before.

IMO, they are not meant to be anything more than a “rescue” shoe. I keep a pair in my car because it’s not always easy to drive in heels.

Common Woot! What is this stuff? Look, maybe its time for a model change, Like consider doing a crowd buy instead. I need a reconditioned Dyson Heater and getting tired of popping in to see crap I don’t need or care for. Ya’ll used to have cool stuff. Now its the sore of stuff you throw away when you move.

Agreed, totally a rescue shoe. They are better quality than most on the market, and the nicest thing about CitySlips is that the bag they come in folds out to be a small tote that your regular heels will fit in so you can carry them. It’s a flimsy nylon tote that uses the sturdier panels as its base.

Morning folks! Happy Day 2 of the Woot-Off.

Now, buy moar things! :tongue: