CK Jewelry

This looks like a street weapon.

CK KJ10AB01010L Slim Steel Bangle requires you to choose small, medium or large to add to the cart. No sizing info is indicated in the description that I can see, other than it’s 7". It’s an open bangle, so why a size?? Clarification on this please?

is the Continuity Ring for men or women??


Here is the size breakdown:

Small: 2.4" diameter, 5.3" circumference
Medium: 2.6" diameter, 5.5" circumference
Large: 2.8" diameter, 5.7" circumference


What length is the liquid bracelet (7", 7.5"), or is it adjustable?

I checked a bunch of other sites and could only find one that says it’s 6.5". I’m not sure whether it’s adjustable or not, but the picture doesn’t lead me to believe that it is.

Bought the 7 disks necklace a few month’s ago on Woot. $60 then. Disaster. The instructions are crummy and the necklace really doesn’t hang the way it shows in the picture. The instructions were really impossible, if you want necklace to hang as shown in the picture, but Woot would not accept a return. It’s made in China. Rings are hollow in middle and not very heavy. It’s sold very cheaply on the internet - Woot’s prices were by far the highest. To me, I’d not have paid even $10 for it if I’d know what it would be like. Bummed it’s less than half what Woot charged last time, but I think soon they’ll be giving them away. Buyer beware…

Are these nickel free?

Totally agree. The directions included with this jewelry make Ikea directions look like a NASA manual. I’ve bought CK jewelry from WOOT in the past and it was decent quality, but this requires assembly and feels like a real BOC.

Are you interested in anything in particular?

I guess “Made in Switzerland” claim is inaccurate? Woot should correct that. :\

The vendor’s specs say Switzerland; our buyer is double checking, though.

6.5 on the liquid bracelet isn’t going to fit my wrist. No deal.

Yes, everything is nickel-free.



Vendor has confirmed that the product is authentic and was made in Switzerland. All items come with an authenticity card.


Whats the length of the mens hook leather bracelets? Gotta know the length people!

Also, a search shows your “mens” hook bracelets as womens.

I bought the 7 discs necklace for a Christmas gift, but could not give it. It shows up as a bag of disks and a string. You have to figure out how to put it together, as the instructions do not detail this at all. I have yet to find anything on the web detailing how to put this necklace together and am stuck with a bag of discs.

CK - The Hard Drive Collection

Seriously resembles hard drive platters and retaining rings, the latter having been polished to a jewelry-quality sheen.

Agree with everyone, bad purchase…guess we all need to remember to read comments.