Claiborne and Churchill Pinot Noir - 3 Pack

Claiborne & Churchill Pinot Noir - 3 Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
1 2008 Classic Edna Valley Pinot Noir
1 2008 Runestone Pinot Noir
1 2009 Twin Creeks Pinot Noir
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I didn’t know Liz and Winston had a winery.

I have Pinot idea who this is. Anyone with thoughts?

Looks like the black-tie monkey is taking Passover/Easter week off.

Here are some notes on earlier vintages: PinotFile, requires a (free?) daypass

And an interview, although it’s more about their whites: “Alsatian Style” California Wine

Oh, and they used to have a blog: Winery Blog

I had hoped to find more about the wines in question, but perhaps others more skilled with the Google will have more success. (OK, I really just wanted a QP…)

I visited their winery Fall 2007. The classic Edna Valley was the only PN I tasted. It was tight at the time, but I bought a bottle anyway. I drank it about 2 years later, and it was excellent. Maybe the winemaker can speak to how these compare to that wine.
BTW, the dry Riesling and Gewurztraminer were also excellent.

PS: The PN was 2006.

Now those I would’ve bought, SIWBM be damned…!

woot is just messing with us. They think if they throw in some cheaper wine every now and again, the skinflints among us won’t be able to take Tuesdays off. Although $20/bottle is on the higher end for woot wines, and these wines go for

Twin Creeks: $36
Runestone: $40
Edna Vallye: $28

on the website ($104 total, ~$35/bottle, before shipping). Not quite “black tie,” but higher than average.

I grew up just down the street from this winery, have been a member for many years.

The Twin Creeks is my favorite pinot, and still have vintages dating back to '05

The Runestone is supposed to be their barrel select version, but I still prefer the Twin Creeks.

The Edna Valley Pinot is a very classic pinot, but not as many subtle hints.

In for 3 to compliment my stock of these vintages already :slight_smile:

Note: Even at wine club member prices, this is a steal!

I love Pinot of all stripes, and while you can always find Pinot in the $10-15 price-point, you usually get what you pay for. If you can find a decent one at $20/bottle, then I would consider that a “find.”

These appear to be very young wines with not much feedback on Cellar Tracker. The historical feedback seems pretty solid, with reviewers giving them scores in the mid to high 80’s. Here’s all vintages of Pinot listed for this winery on Cellar Tracker.

I’ve gotta think about this one for a while. Sounds like it might not be a bad one for consumption form 2012-13. I’ll either pass or buy three To keep the per-bottle price down).

Good producer here, though better known for their Alsatian whites.

I tasted their Edna Valley Pinot last year and it was right on for the retail price. I think this is a very nice deal all-in-all. And the sort of producer worth supporting.

I pity da fool who doesn’t try this wine!! In for uno. cheers to all

Buying based on the (limited) good feedback, and because my last name is Claiborne (no relation)

Great Winery. While my daughters were going to school at Cal Poly and I would visit, I would always go in to get a case of their Riesling.

Like trevmoose, the positive feedback, albeit limited, has swayed me. My only question is am I in for one or two? Like I posted yesterday, I have very limited experience with red wines. In fact (don’t judge me) the only one I can think of that I consistently like is Louis Jadot’s ubiquitous Beaujolais-Villages. So, will my uneducated palate be able to appreciate these?

I am a big fan of Paso Pinots - can you tell me if any of these have the earthy undertones? I am not a fan of those, but these sound really intriguing - I’m just still recovering from the!

Where’s my black tie?

I think you will be able to tell the difference between these and the LJ BV. The LJ BV is about as simple as wine gets and close to the “grape juice” end of the spectrum. These are more complex, and use a specific grape (varietal), the Pinot Noir grape. How complex are they, well, I am not familiar enough with what might lie at the other end of that spectrum to say, and furthermore, this offering would be pruning it down to just the PN varietal as well.

Think of LJBV as a bike with training wheels, and no training wheels with these. Is this the fanciest bike without training wheels? girls/boys? banana seat? tassles? bell? 10-speed? Monkey-bar handles? mountain-bike? Can’t really say. But you know the difference between when the training wheels are on and when they are off, right?

That said, these are a bit pricey for a “starter kit” in Pinot Noir. I’m not saying this is a bad QPR, just that if you’re looking to try a new varietal and don’t want to invest a lot per bottle, then there have been and will be other offerings at a lower price point than these, also with a solid QPR (e.g. D’ontspille Le Black). And this offering is limited to just PN wine. So if you’re looking to get a feel for PN specifically, then this could be a good woot. If you’re looking to expand your palate in general, then you should have picked up yesterday’s Sunce offering or the Praxis offering earlier that have several varietals at a super QPR. Keep an eye out for Wellington and other mixed cases as well when you can get into the under $10/bottle range. Sure it won’t be equivalent to something you could get for 3-4 times the cost, but you are just looking to get a decent feel for that varietal without a lot of sunk cost (and the waiting around!) in cellaring higher-dollar wines, right?

I hope that helps you decide.

It does, thank you very much. I’m in for 2, and then placing an order at the Praxis website. The Lagrein sounds really interesting as does the (I know it’s not a red) Viognier. And yes, I’m kicking myself for not wooting when I had the chance.