Claiborne Metropolitan 5-Piece Luggage Set


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we’ve got a pair of

Claiborne Metropolitan 5-Piece Luggage Set [New] - $59.99 + $5 shipping

1 * 28” Expandable Rolling Suitcase with Garment Carrier, 1 * 25” Expandable Rolling Suitcase, 1 * 21” Expandable Rolling Carry-on, 1 * 12” Roll-up Travel Kit, 1 * 16” Tote Bag

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Will these “nest” like the Russian babushka dolls?..


Are you sure your name isn’t Gustav Samsonite?


I was interested in purchasing these but there are a lot of bad reviews on macys website. Mostly from the luggage set being poor quality with the zippers breaking, the luggage ripping, and the nahndles coming apart.


Yes they nest, but that is the least of your concerns about this luggage set. I wooted these about 6 months ago and after one flight from oklahoma to florida the seams began to rip. And I didn’t even check bags! On the return flight we checked bags and that was all the seams could take… STAY AWAY FROM THESE!!! However, for the price, you’ll get plenty of cost effectiveness if you don’t expect them to last.


That’s true and the plastic that hold the shape will crumble like it’s made of rice cakes. They also still stink after more than a year.

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Sorry Woot but these suk. -EL


Wow. Is there anyone out there who liked these?


lotta bad reviews out there, caveat emptor



I have to say these will not hold up to airline abuse for more than a trip or two. The bar in front of the wheels will go first with the handles a close second as they get tossed onto carts and cargo holds. finally the ripping will occur.

I take two international trips a year with the family. Two sets will cover the 4 of us with pieces to spare. (include a roll of Duct tape)

Honestly, most luggage coming back from a foreign country is not one I cherish anyway, so $10 a person to get clothes there and back is a deal when the cost of the trips are $10K+. I have yet to have or see a $400 a bag last for more than 6 real trips anyway and that would average out to $65 per bag per trip.

For Domestic car trips, these will last as long as you want them too unless you are trained as a baggage carrier by the airlines?


Does anyone know what color this luggage is? Maybe I m still not awake, but I don’t seem to find that detail mentioned anywhere…


Actually, the reviews at the link you posted average 3.7 stars out of 5. So, above average. There are a lot of people who say it broke, and others who say it is good quality. Seems like the majority is leaning towards it being ok.
For $10 a bag, I think I’ll pull the trigger.
Thanks for the link anyway.


I have found the airlines to be just as good at wrecking good luggage as cheap luggage. These types of set work out to be more cost effective in the long run. 2 or 3 sets like this will last longer than good luggage costing 3 or 4 times as much.


Has anyone who didnt like the set gotten them replaced under the warranty? I travel a couple times a year, mostly by train or car, so the bags won’t take alot of abuse. Did you get your bags replaced?


I used to travel extensively for work and I think putting some money into luggage is a good idea. Don’t assume that price correlates with quality, though–many sets are expensive because they are “pretty.”

A good set WILL last for years. My first set of Skyway’s lasted for 250,000 flier miles and I’m still using my 2nd set (5 years old).

Stay away from “pretty” sets from designers and stick to professional traveler brands:

TravelPro (if you’re rich)

If I was replacing luggage every 4-5 trips, I’d be tearing my hair out.


I’ve had this set for a couple years and have used each bag ~3-4 times. Two are holding up fine, but the middle one has done exactly as ElectricLegs said. The plastic for the shape is extremely brittle and broke while checked on a flight. I havn’t had any problems with the zippers or fabric.

I hadn’t pursued the warranty… but I probably will now that someone mentioned it :slight_smile:


Clearly your main intention with this posting was to tell us that you are rich and you go on $10,000 vacations multiple times per year. Congratulations on being a conspicuous consumer.


DITTO AUSTIN !!! I have heard enough from the jetsetting blue bloods who spend precious time criticizing an offer thats out of their price range.


No my main intention is that $60 for NEW luggage is a very small investment against the cost of a family vacation. So this is a good investment for throw-away luggage.


If this is out of your price range then go away. This is as low as it gets and the free food bank is in DC.