Claritin True HEPA Perm Filter Tower Purifier- 2 Colors

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Claritin True HEPA Perm Filter Tower Purifier- 2 Colors
Price: $69.99
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I love these air filters. We’ve had a rough allergy season, but these have really helped. The carbon filters leave the air smelling clean without air freshener products and they are very quiet. Clean air is well worth the cost.

I bought one last month here on Woot for the same price and I really can say it is a great product. Does just what it’s supposed to and has the added benefit of having a turbo setting which i use when the neighbors get a little loud.
Oh, and it’s 99.99 over at Amazon.

Do you have to buy filters for it? Or simply clean the filter over and over.

pretty sure you have to buy filters which the mothership sells

They are washable so you don’t need to buy new (in theory). The carbon filter is the only thing you really need to replace and that’s optional if you care about odors. I bought one from Woot last sale and it works great. The only downside I have is that it sucks in the front and directly out the back so against a wall or in a corner does not work well. I placed mine along the middle of the wall in my room which seems to work well.

The “permanent” HEPA filter is rated to last 3-5 years with normal use and regular maintenance. The outer filter should last the life of the unit, and just requires vacuuming. The inner charcoal filters need the most frequent replacing if odor control is an issue. If not, you can just ignore them.

Unless decor matching is an issue, I’d suggest getting the black model. Dust gets attracted to the outer plastic shell due to electrostatic forces, and it’s pretty visible against a white background. This is especially true if you turn on the ionizer. Indeed, the walls, floor and other surfaces surrounding any ionizer often has a black film of dust. The black unit won’t be any cleaner but at least you won’t see it.

i get a lot of dust that blows into my house if i keep windows open a nice warm day … the downfall is there doing construction near me and the large sums of dirt blows on a weekly period that i have to dust every 2 days and my window seals reaks of dirt on the window seal every 10 days… will this help with reducing the dust in my home ?

When I went to buy this about a couple hours after it was live last night, only white was available. I prefer the white anyway since it’ll look a bit more like a piece of decor than an appliance. I’ll just dust it off weekly.

For those wondering, since Woot doesn’t have full specs, I think this is the same model on Walmart, and it’s recommended for rooms up to 204 sq ft. More expensive there also, and excellent reviews.

Bought this off of a couple of weeks ago for $47. The white one. Have been using it for the last few days. I like it. Looks like a big speaker. It is NOT silent by any stretch (not that it claims to be)…but you WILL hear it. Just FYI.

Filter is “lifetime” but the charcoal filter/film behind the HEPA needs replaced every few months. A pack of 4 off of Amazon was like $14 though.

Actually that one was the smaller version right? This one is 18" tall and the meh one was like, half the size if I’m not mistaken. I almost got that one but it was only rated for like 84 sq ft and I don’t need one for a closet.

How big an area does one handle and how does it do with musty basement environments