Clary Ranch Sonoma Coast Syrah (4)

Clary Ranch Sonoma Coast Syrah 4-Pack
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2007 Clary Ranch Syrah, Sonoma Coast
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This one has piqued my interest. Are there any tasting notes out there?

Sounds very much up my alley. This weekend has most definitely tapped me out, though. Maybe if a SoCal person wants to get rid of a bottle, but otherwise I’m just going to stand by the sidelines and regale the crowd with my (not so) pithy comments.

Hi there, redwinefan…
Winemaker Paul Clary here.
I’ll quote from the Tasting Notes on the Tech sheets:
“Deep crystalline magenta. Light floral aromas with subtle pepper overtones that carry over to the palate along with crisp, refreshing flavors of cool cherries and black raspberries. Delicate, lingering finish… …Serve slightly cool (55-60 degrees…”

Stats look good, great vintage, relatively low alc. I would also be interested in any tasting notes or even a general discussion of cool climate Syrahs vs. typical CA Syrahs.

With the 2007 vintage of this wine being noted as “lighter and crisper” than other vintages, how does this affect the wine’s peak drinking window and cellaring potential?


could use a little more info///insight///tasting notes here

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Family members are buying? I’m in.

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(would still appreciate some guidance re: drinking window/cellaring potential, though)

EDIT x2: Would love to see a Clary Ranch Pinot Noir deal here in the future!

I suspect family members could get a free bottle or two of this. More likely someone with the same last name who would like a wine with their name on it :slight_smile:

Hehe, yeah I considered that possibility as well. I was itching to find something to combine shipping with the Enos Brack Mountain Red on woot+ anyway, so this fit the bill.

I am intrigued. Waiting for some more reports from drinkers.

Also noted that of the buyers, so far 20% are first time and signed up today.

That generally suggests club members getting a better price here on woot than from the winery.

And have often been alerted to this deal by the winery.

Hi Chipgreen-
In my experience, cool climate Syrah is a more delicate wine than Syrah from warmer climes. It’s almost as if the heavy veil has been lifted so that flavors are revealed and are more pronounced. Warm climate Syrah, for me, always seems to be covered up by a blanket, when a light sheet is called for!

Hi again chipgreen-

Drinking window? I’d say from now 'til 2016, but really, it could surprise me and go further… The wine is still drinking bright, with good acidity.

Thanks for the plug for my Pinot! :wink:


Hey rjquillin-

Regrettably, Clary Ranch does not have a wine club at this time. That’s more a function of my not having time to properly admminister one. Also contributing to it’s absence is the lack of a commercial tasting room. If you want to taste my wines, it involves calling for a personal appointment at my home. Clary Ranch is me. I planted the vines in 2000. I grow the grapes. I make the wine.


Thank you for your replies and participation. As a former small business owner, I remember what it’s like to wear all the hats - it’s not just a business, it’s your whole life. Glad to know that I am helping to support your efforts. Best wishes for your continued growth and success!

Paul, I couldn’t help but notice the brix at harvest were super low. Can you please expand on this?


I’d like to second the request / props for the pinot. Really good juice.