Classic 7-Piece Nonstick Cutlery Knife Set w/ Stand

Classic 7-Piece Nonstick Cutlery Knife Set w/ Stand
Price: $37.99
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3/3/2015 - $37.99 (Woot Plus)

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Good Reviews over at Wayfair

Pretty good reviews over at the mothership (4.3 out of 5 stars), but the negative reviews are all pretty consistent (handles coming off knives after a couple months usage). This is pretty concerning when handling sharp knives… I’ll pass.

Any idea if these are dishwasher safe? I’m not saying that I’m lazy but… well, actually I guess I am.

Came in here looking specifically for comments like this. I’ll pass as well, almost pull the trigger though.


Call me crazy, but if I were going to create a demonstration video for a set of knives I was selling, first, I’d hire someone who knows something about knives, and, second, I’d actually demonstrate the knives.

I’d also edit out gaffs like “santoko”.

That plexiglass holder will look horrible in no time.

Daughter needs a starter set for small kitchen counter so I’m really tempted. Worried about the handle issues but maybe if those were caused by dishwasher washing? Good idea to hand wash any decent knife then dry and store immediately.

knives are never washed in a dishwasher. hand wash, hot soapy water, towel dry, back to my magnetic rack. just sayin…

Good comments here. That said, I’m probably still going to buy. The alternative to this is sets that store the knives in a block, which is pretty disgusting (what the hell lives in those slots??). And a better quality stored this way is about 4x as much $.

I went for it. Good deal pretty much any way you look at it imo.

I got a cork storage unit for my knives. Keeps em safe, dry and out of the way. Mine actually came from woot, but here’s another one.

I’m gonna go with the “you should never wash knives in the dishwasher.”


Broken handles suggests a total lack of tang which is expected with cheaper knives. But not even a quarter of the tang for the children is not expectable. A good knife needs a good tang for balance and control.

Any way to tell if these are forged or stamped or something else?

Yeah: the price tag.

Well, if your house is clean and you wash and dry the knives properly before returning them to the block…the answer to your question is “nothing.”

Are these knives pressed or forged? What is the Rockwell rating for the tensile strength of the steel?