Classic Fall

mannnnnn I wish the logo was in the front on the sweatshirt. It would be an easy purchase. Nice design!

Simple and beautiful! Well done stiluk35!

While I’d like to take credit for a cool shirt, this is by stiluk35, not me!

Hope someone fixes that soon. :^)

Yep! It’s been fixed. Thanks @spiritgreen, for the heads-up!

Whoever did this write up should stand up & take a bow. You made my maple tree weep…

I’ve seen you pop up in all sorts of places on Woot lately, sort of like a Woot genie in residence. Which is great, but I’m confused. I thought that you had a farewell party…?

At any rate, it’s nice to see that you are still around. :slight_smile:

This color scheme reminded me of the Bear Pride flag colors…

I just assume every shirt is done by spiritgreen unless I’m told otherwise. :slight_smile:

I agree, something on the front would be nice. Are shirtwoot able to do a little motif on the front like they used to? as well as a back print? beautiful design :slight_smile:

Tell your maple tree I said sorry…