Classic Gaming Console with 600 Games & 2 Controllers

Classic Gaming Console with 600 Games & 2 Controllers

This system does not have 600 games. I own one of these and it has about 100 games with all of them repeating in a nonrepetitive order. And very few of the games are actually from the Nintendo system it is meant to resemble.


It looks like this same system is available from Amazon for $6 less.

This will look great connected to my Sorny TV!


Junk. Nearly none of the stuff we remember here in USA. None of the good stuff. DO NOT BUY!

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Do you know if there is a list anywhere of the games that are actually on it? There were plenty non-Nintendo brand games that I liked (prob not more than 20 or so) that might be worth knowing if they are on this system

So not only is amazon/woot dealing primarily in cheap chinese crap that’ll fall apart after 4 uses and is most likely a ripoff of someone’s IP, they’re also selling unlicensed/stolen cheap crap that’s DEFINITELY a ripoff of a major brand’s IP. I don’t know who’s worse, China doing what China does, or Amazon/Woot for facilitating their greedy scams.


And hey! How about that DMMI high clear output? That’s quality stuff right there!

Don’t be fooled by this garbage. Techmo Bowl is a bowling game!!!

From a “Verified Purchase” on amazon:

This is a cheap knockoff. I should have known by the price that it was to good to be true. There’s no Super Mario bros. Out of 620 games, I could only find a couple of familiar titles. Techmo Bowl was actually a bowling game rather than the famous football game that all NES gamers know. This product is garbage. Game navigation is horrible

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This looks like the usual knock off import. If you’re looking for something like this search for the real deal, Nintendo NES classic or SNES classic. They are not really hard to find anymore and retailers have them at the regular prices, $59 and $89 respectfully.

Isn’t this thing technically illegal based on the ROMs contained within that Nintendo, Konami, etc. still own the rights to?

That’s a rhetorical question. Woot! should be careful about items like this. Nintendo has some wrath, especially against companies with deep pockets.

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It’s not an exact replica. I purchased one of these for $20 from a different site. It has 600 games. All the nes Mario games and works great. No Zelda or Rus’n attack or ghosts and goblins.lots of games that weren’t available in the US. The worst version of Sonic I’ve ever seen. But it’s really cool.

Walmart has it for $8 less and this link provides all the games on the console.

Good post and find! I did notice that the on on doesn’t seen to be the exact same… Walmart is selling one where the controllers have two red buttons while the Woot! one has four red buttons. The number of games and general appearance are extremely similar though… hard to tell if the games listed would be identical or not. Likely multiple similar versions.

Game List.

Amazon’s page has an image with the game list:

Are you seriously selling this obvious bootleg garbage?

Found another listing on Amazon that looks more like this one, has terrible reviews:

There are tons of people building R-Pi based systems and selling them as emulator stations, even Woot sells Pi Kits with NES-controller lookalikes occasionally (which always seem to sell out before I check the site). The assumption is that you will install RetroPie and download pirated ROMs. BTW - isn’t copyright 25 years in USA [EDIT: No, it’s 75]?

I digress, really came here to say I would love to see woot do a bundle that includes a Raspberry Pi and a Pico-8 license - tons of free retro-style games are being made for fun by an awesome community of hobby developers:

Even if they don’t - check out Pico-8 for PC/Mac/RPi :slight_smile:

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That has 2 less buttons. The extra buttons must cost $8.

I’m not sure there are any licensed games on it. I think they are all knock offs of the games as well.

I would hope so otherwise it would be illegal to sell