Looks like it’s time for a RETRO ROAD TRIP!

“Where’s Mount Rushmore?” asked the guy from South Dakota.

I love the colors! This is a lovely palette for heather gray.

“you can stand under my umbrella~♫”

Is that the lighthouse on Cape Hatteras, or a can of Barbosol?

this is a stunner in both content and composition, jewelwing–strong work!

Two prints in one week! Congrats, Jewelwing!

(For those who missed it, Be Still, Life is for sale on Threadless )

I see Fitzgerald mentioned in the writeup, but this shirt actually reminds me more of the John Steinbeck book Travels with Charley.

Tempted… I like the colors… just not really into the content… still tempted though…hmmm…

I think that this shirt would have been more awesome if the design (especially the bus) was in psychedelic colors. Then it truly would reflect an American trip. An American acid trip, that is. o-ho-ho

congrats jewelwing

The artist left out the screaming kids, running out of gas, and that taco place 400 miles ago that has turned the trip into a macabre cannonball run to the rest stop.

Wow, that umbrella is different. I thought they were all shaped like this.

I like this a lot, but it would look so much better if it took up more space on the shirt.

I dunno. The girl looks like she’s from the twenties, and the Airstream, from the 50’s. It’s a clash of the the decades! Yeah, not feeling It, especially since my trailer is a 50’s Shasta!

Makin’ waves all over the place, aren’t you, JW? Congrats ma’am!

Yay! I got 3 for my family! We will proudly wear them while camping in our Airstream! Awesome job!

And the AC is broken. Don’t forget about that. xD

Congrats on the print Jewel! It’s a beauty!