Clayhouse Adobe White Blend (12)

Clayhouse Adobe White Blend 12-Pack Case
Sold by: Middleton Family WInes
$74.99 $252.00 70% off List Price
2013 Clayhouse Adobe White, Paso Robles

Excellent deal, IMO.
Easy drinking and well balanced - I found that it goes nice with a wide variety of things from salmon to spicy Asian dishes.
I still have 3 left from the last one, though. At this price it’s a steal.

I love this wine, hopefully, this will be my third batch of it. However I get rejected for not being in a valid state at AMA son checkout, yet NJ is listed and I have ordered it several times before.

Please help!

The last few 6 pack offers of this have been the 2014. Perhaps the significant price break here is a “clearance sale” of sorts on the 2013(?).

I picked up a few of these a while ago when Publix had these BOGO. No notes, but I recall liking it as a nice summer wine with decent acidity. I have it on my list for re-buy when/if they run another BOGO, as they often repeat. Also not certain, but I think it was the '14.

I might go in on this anyway but would like confirmation on the 2013 vintage.

I did not notice the vintage difference before placing my order. Wonder is there is any significant difference in the two? At this price the 2014 is an absolute no brainer for spring and summer drinking. Not a ton of fruit but a nice balance of minerality and crispness which makes it an easy pair with a lot of different food.

Just noticed that. I got the 2013 in October and the 2014 in January and have enjoyed both.

I think I still have a bottle of the 2013 somewhere. I liked it well enough to note that I should buy more when offered. This is a great deal at just over $6 a bottle.

Sorry about that! We fixed it. You should be able to order this wine now.

Can you please fix MA as well? Need some for our short winter!

Sorry it is still not fixed - same message.

Will not allow VA purchase. Vineyard website says shipping to VA is good to dag gone go. Why no wine for me?

any oak or is this a stainless offering?? also sweet or dry?? i am really needing some whites for poolside sipping. thanks

Hi, Stacey from the winery here. This wine is done in stainless steel, no oak and while I wouldn’t call this sweet given the acidity, there is a hint of sweetness in the finish. A fantastic summer sipper!

I’m sorry. We don’t have VA on our list of approved “ship to” states for this winery.

I’m sorry. MA is not on our list of approved states for this offer. :frowning:

We really enjoyed the Clahouse Adobe White we picked up on a tip from a fellow Wooter.
This is an excellent wine to serve up over the summers, and at this price it’s a definite buy.
Nice light nose on it, pleasant fruit, and a bit of tang.
Glad to see this showing up today!

Ok, it’s fixed for reals now. Sorry about that!

Indeed it is - in for one, thanks so much!

ps the value of this wine was worth the effort