Clayhouse Adobe White Blend (6)

Clayhouse Adobe White Blend 6-Pack
Sold by: Middleton Family WInes
$49.99 $132.00 62% off List Price
2013 Adobe White, Paso Robles

Never heard of Princess grapes. Must come from their table grape operations.

Sounds like an interesting blend.

Did we find this closed out at grocery outlet earlier in the year?

It was the
2012 Clayhouse Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc
I found earlier and didn’t much care for, stylistically.

This looks interesting, and kudos for the extensive tech notes.


No, it’s a pass for me.

hi, Stacey with the winery here. We do grow several hundred acres of table grapes on the same property as our wine grapes. That’s where the Princess comes from. It’s DNA is linked to Muscat and it adds some beautiful aromatics to the blend. When we add it to the Adobe White blend we wait for the grapes on the vine to turn an amber color (which you wouldn’t want to buy in the grocery store). The result is an aromatic, crisp white wine with a light to medium body.

I really like Clayhouse wines, in general, and think the Adobe series of table blends are excellent. I recently (March or so) ordered a case of this from my local retailer, which was apparently the last of the white they were able to get? Maybe 2013 was the final production year?

In any case, I’d be happy to buy more than I’m able to, since I apparently can’t get the white - even though the red is still available.

I’m tempted. Anyone around NYC interested in splitting?

I recently tried this wine for the first time (actually the first time I’d had a wine from this winery) and was pleasantly surprised with it. I’m generally a sauv blanc type of girl for the summer but this was a refreshing change. The blend of grapes used kicks everything up a notch by being a little bolder. It’s smooth and leaves a nice mouth feel. I can pick out the apple notes and subtle spices. This wine would definitely go great with chicken or seafood dishes but is wonderful drinking on it’s own. I’d love to try it with some Indian chicken curry dishes in the future. When you look at the price per bottle on this deal, it’s a heck of a bargain. I’m going to take this opportunity to stock up myself!

Never had this particular bottle, but generally a big fan of Clayhouse. Have around 20 bottles of red and white in the cellar.

This is one of the wineries we plan to visit on our trip I think. And I’ve been moaning about no SC shipping, so in for 2 (and…it will probably come while we are away…I’ll find someone to pick it up for me though)

I would normally split, but this looks too good to not keep all 6 for myself!

Well, I ended up not ordering. Maybe I’ll talk you into letting go of a bottle, if we meet up again before it’s all gone?