Clayhouse Adobe White Blend (6)

Clayhouse Adobe White Blend 6-Pack
Sold by: Middleton Family WInes
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2013 Adobe White, Paso Robles

If you ever get a case of screw top wine you will be sure to look more closely at the picture the next time…

Purchased this last time and the wife and I both enjoyed it. What initially looked like a kitchen sink blend turned out to be a really interesting summer quaffer with a lot of distinct flavors. Still quite crisp and fresh testing for a 2013. Will buy again.

Any other tasting notes from the Aug Wine.woot offering?

Is this dry, sweet? More like a viognier or sauvignon blanc? Thanks!

This is true. Always happy to see them. Something to be celebrated.

Hello, Stacey from the winery here.

The Adobe White is a dry white blend. More of a Rhone-style with enough Sauvignon Blanc in it to give it a pop of crisp acidity. The viognier brings some amazing aromatics to the wine.

A very versatile wine, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

How’s this aged in the last couple years since bottling?
Sounds great, for sure.

Thanks for the info Stacey, I am in for 6.

The Princess table grape seems an odd addition to me. Anybody know how that usually shows up in the finished wine?

The princess grape has been cultivated into a table grape grown on our estate vineyard. But it is linked to the Muscat grape. It’s addition to the blend is primarily for aromatics.

It’s tasting great. I actually just brought a bottle over to a friend’s house for dinner the other night and it was a big hit. The aromatics are beautiful and the acidity keeps the wine nice and fresh.

Sold. :slight_smile:


no shipping to Iowa? Just bought wine earlier in week on woot.

Every winery must buy a license for each state so each sale will differ.

Cortot split?

Production: 8370 9 liter cases.
Are these one liter bottles?
These are screw tops?

They are standard 750ml bottles and yes, they have screw tops.

Wait, aren’t all regular cases 9 liters (12 x .750 = 9)? I’ve been drinking, don’t hate on me if my math is off.