Clayhouse Cabernet Sauvignon (4)

Clayhouse Cabernet Sauvignon 4-Pack
Sold by: Middleton Family Wines
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2011 Clayhouse Estate Cabernet Sauvignon/Petit Verdot, Red Cedar Vineyard, Paso Robles

Love the region and love wine on Thursday… any notes out there?

Thursday; wine!?

As it should be!

From July:

Ok, Woot, what the hell? It’s Thursday. One time is a slip-up. This is… I don’t know what. If you’re going to change the Thursday-is-not-wine rule, could you at least let us know?

I only ever come over here on Thursdays, and now it’s seeming like I should just stop altogether.

If you look below this deal on the main page there are lots of non wine options…

Hi folks, Stacey from Clayhouse Wines. Below is the link for the notes on this great wine:

Thanks for stopping by, what do you do at the winery?

I’m the Sales Manager in California and have been with the family for about 7 years now. So I’ve had great opportunities over the years to learn a lot from our winemaker, vineyard manager, and all the other great folks at the winery.

Thanks, how would you describe the 2011 vintage for clayhouse?

2011 was a pretty good year for us in Paso. Even, fairly mild summer with well-rounded, expressive flavors.