Clayhouse Estate Cabernet Sauvignon (3)

Clayhouse Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 3-Pack
$69.99 $122.00 43% off List Price
2011 Clayhouse Estate Cabernet Sauvignon/Petit Verdot, Red Cedar Vineyard, Paso Robles
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Remember when we used to have wine.woot-offs…those were the days!

I thought it was just coincidence that wine.woot didn’t participate in the last few wootoffs but I guess it was by design. Don’t see how it can be incorporated now with the different payment systems but I expect the other woot sites will also end up with Amazon payments, eventually. So maybe again, someday?

Tuesday Wine-off Perhaps? Please…?


Do we know the Woot Offs are gone for good, or we just haven’t seen one in a while?

Woot, it’s just a new payment method… I would expect a wootoff is still possible here? Just can’t combine with other site stuff.

So, um, about this here wine…? How’d you arrive at the blend?

Hi, Stacey with Clayhouse Wines. We have a very large vineyard in Paso Robles with over 20 varietals available which means our winemaker, Blake Kuhn, has lots of building blocks to use when crafting a wine. In this case, he loved the flavors and structure of the Cabernet Sauvignon, but wanted just a little kick of color and backbone that the Petit Verdot can add.

87 points from Wine Enthusiast, if that means anything to you.

I’d love to buy some and it doesn’t look like it is sold out, but I get an error message to contact the seller when I use Amazon Payments to check out. (And there is no longer any other option to pay.)

And now…(probably fake bc of technical difficulties) sold out.


In other news, there’s no estate reviews on cellar tracker, but someone didn’t like the pair of “regular” cabs from Clayhouse in 2011. He referred to the non-estates as not competing well even in the sub-$12 range.

Did we do away with lab rats (again?) This is the kind of offer I think would really benefit from it…

Sorry for the problems. We’ve sold out the offer while we work on the issue.

UPDATE: And we’re back. Buy ALL the wine.

WOW! This whole payment thing is really crazy. I feel bad for the wineries, more discussion about amazon, payments, shipping, and problems processing payment then the actual wine itself.
Just a thought for the foreseeable future have the second post, after Cesare’s of course, be a short explanation about the new payment structure with a link to “New at Wine.Woot: “Buy Now” thread. This may mitigate some of the extracurricular discussion and get back to the wine of the day.

It’s been broken and fixed at least 3x already in less than a week. Maybe they shouldn’t start advertising it just yet…

I suspect that there was a big hit on wine.wootoff sales when they stopped offering $5 all-day shipping. Perhaps it finally got to the point where it was no longer worth the effort required to line up all the wine offers for a wootoff.

I agree that lab rats would be a great enhancement, they provided a lot of good info.