Clayhouse Estate Mixed (3)

Clayhouse Estate Mixed 3-Pack
$69.99 $129.00 46% off List Price
2012 Estate All Blacks Red Blend
2011 Estate Tempranillo, Red Cedar Vineyard, Paso Robles
2012 Clayhouse Estate Show Pony Petite Sirah, Red Cedar Vineyard, Paso Robles
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Solid producer, and the Show Pony was a good taste at this year’s D&D.

Come to think of it, I think someone may even owe me a bottle from an earlier vintage.

Darn you WD!

Last wooter to woot: MarkDaSpark

These are my favorite types of offers. A mixed pack of interesting looking wines from a solid winery who’s wines I typically like. Unfortunately the cellar is full.

Show Pony is always good!

Anyone have any notes on these? Sounds like a nice offer…

I don’t have notes, but we liked the Temp/Cab blend enough to have bought some the last time we were in the tasting room in Paso. Still sleeping in the cellar.

And the Show Pony is, well, it’s Show Pony! Always a consistent PS with good layered fruit, spice, and earth with good length on the finish. Pretty much always in my top 5 or 10 of the dozens tried at DnD.

Yup, Show Pony is a pretty fantastic PS. All-Blacks just sounds delicious.

In my experience, Clayhouse puts out good QPR wines that are, at worst, a well-above-average daily drinker and at best are a nice example of well-made PaSo PS with some ability to lay down and age.

i was thinking about you and Loweel and the rest of the D&D crowd when I finalized this one!!

These are nice solid go to additions to your wine rack. and a darn good price.

Hi All, Stacey from Clayhouse. I just wanted to express how excited we are to share these wines with you wooters! All three of these wines were made specifically for our club. All are small production, 100% estate grown wines.

Many of you are familiar with the Show Pony Petite Sirah, big and full bodied with rounded tannins and lots of juicy black fruit.

The Tempranillo/Cab Sauv is one of my personal favorites. Its got the dusty, red fruit, tobacco notes of a tempranillo with a bit of darker fruit and fuller mouthfeel from the Cab Sauv. A great balance.

The All Blacks is our newest wine. Just created by our winemaker as a nod to the field blends created by the wine pioneers back in the day. It is a blend of the “black grapes”. The darkest red grape varietals: Petite Sirah, Malbec, Petit Verdot, Cab Sauv and Tannat. Its a really fun, big rich wine.

I hope you guys enjoy them!

I predict a sellout.