Clayhouse Estate Rhone White Blend


Hey, Woot. You may want to change the initial offering page to include that this is a 4 pack. Until you click the picture or “I want one” it only shows one bottle in the picture and no (4) or 4-pack. I thought it was just for one bottle.

In fact, I was reading the comments under that impression and was shocked that everyone routinely had 80 dollar bottles of wine for porch sipping and weekday drinking. That is what caused me to go back and look at the specs page more carefully.


Not everyone. Just some of us. :happy:


Hello, Stacey here from Clayhouse. Unfortunately that late harvest Zin was a one-of-a-kind. We’ve been sold out of that one for a few years now. We’ve since made a killer late harvest Petite Sirah which is still available on the website. We will have another late harvest Petite/Tannat coming out in a year or so.


I will second this, I also thought it was a $65 bottle.


David Hance from Clayhouse: We don’t make any $65 bottles of wine!


Add me as well. This was an issue woot had taken care after they did their last “upgrade” to the site. It was noted by some us that the number of bottles shown in the photo did not match the number in the offering. Thereafter woot always started indicating the title of the offering the number of bottles in the offering.

When they didn’t this time and I saw the solo bottle, that’s what I though was in this offering. I only went to the comments to try to figure out what people thought was so spectacular about the wine to justify the price.


Hi, David,

How sweet is this? Also, how long will it keep (assuming that I even have any come summer)?


ah, i see what you mean.
i’ll forward this along. thanks to all for the feedback.


I don’t have final analysis in front of me, but I’d guess around 3 g/L … below threshold for tasting sweetness. Our intention is to bottle a very dry white wine for this cuvee.


Wow! Not $65, and dry and delicious-sounding. Thank you, I’m in.


saved a lot of $$$ last two weeks, my CC thanks you wine woot :slight_smile:


David Hance from Clayhouse: My wife laughs that I never chill whites. Not entirely true, but I do MUCH prefer most complex whites just slightly cool, rather than cold. The cold mutes aromas and numbs flavors, just like it does with red wines (where it also makes tannins a key feature). Thanks for letting this cuvee come in from the cold!


I had this wine back in October at a friend’s house and last night with dinner with ddeuddeg. What a totally different experience last night! There was an issue with the bottle in October. It had started to undergo a secondary fermentation. And so, it was basically, bleh!

I am extremely happy to say that last night’s bottle was a very rewarding experience! The fresh herbal & floral notes upon opening were very pleasant. There was a little grassiness, but it was good. On the palate was some nice citrus and mango. It worked perfectly with the lime and soy sauce that was part of the topping for the sea bass. There was a bit of crispness to this wine, but it was very smooth with a pleasant lingering finish. It even held up to our Spinach Salad with Roasted Garlic and Toasted Pine Nuts, which we would normally pair with a red. Time to get some more of this gem! :slight_smile:


LOL with you. Long an issue with DW and I. All I can say is that she just likes her white wines cold.

For myself I’ve been mostly a red wine drinker, but I’m now learning to appreciate the subtleties and complexities of those well-crafted whites and dry rosés served slightly chilled.


If (hopefully never again) you have problems with any of our wines, please contact us (see We want to bring any issues of concern to our winemaker, and we want you to be happy with our wines.


Welcome back Clayhouse!

This one has become a favorite here at the office. A solid white with a lot going on. We first tasted at the Hallowoot tasting and it was a hit there as well (there are notes posted in the prior offering).

Good stuff.


We’re happy to be here, and happy you’re enjoying our Clayhouse wine. Interesting side note: The winemaker, Blake Kuhn, thinks this wine shows better after time in the bottle. We used to shoot for a late-spring release for the new vintage. Now we wait until autumn.


PM for you. :slight_smile:


I agree!


Or a sheep!