Clayhouse Estate Tempranillo (4)

Clayhouse Estate Tempranillo 4-Pack
Sold by: Middleton Family WInes
$59.99 $160.00 63% off List Price
2011 Clayhouse Estate Tempranillo, Paso Robles, Red Cedar Vineyard

What’s the threshold for labeling this as a single varietal wine? I always thought it needed to be 80% Tempranillo to be labeled Tempranillo.

Hi, Stacey from the winery here. In California the varietal requirement for labeling is 75%. Though if you take a look at this label we don’t actually call it Estate Tempranillo on the label, we simply list out all the varietals and their percentages. Since all the fruit comes from our estate vineyard in Paso Robles we’re more than happy to tell you exactly what’s in the bottle!

I love Clayhouse wines. Fantastic and a great QPR

This is a SOLID Tempranillo; a no-brainer at $15 per bottle!! …love Clayhouse.

Who’s ^^^^^^^ this guy?

Well…I took HIS word for it, and bought some.

A sighting, more rare than a Nightghost!

Happy Holidays y’all!!!