Clayhouse Mixed Red (6)

Clayhouse Mixed Red 6-Pack
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2011 Casa de Arcilla Tempranillo, Paso Robles
2011 Vineyard Syrah, Paso Robles
2011 Vineyard Malbec, Paso Robles
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Rather curious as to the choice of Stelvin (?) closures for all three selections.
Are these produced for nearer term consumption?
Can we get some additional info, TA, RS, pH, elevage on the Syrah and Malbec?

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Love Clayhouse wines. But after finding room for 32 boxes of wine in our locker, need to hold off.

Although we did drink 2 wines at Tim’s. So I could take a Syrah and Malbec off someone’s order. :wink:

From the Clayhouse website is this blurb, so kind of sounds like near term wines:
“Lively and fresh, our Vineyard wines are single varietal wines made to highlight those varieties that love Paso Robles terroir and our Red Cedar Vineyard. These luscious and refreshing wines are meant to drink while dining with friends and family and are easily accessible enclosed with a twist top.”

And more wine tech info here:

As an aside, screw cap vs cork finish discussion could be interesting. :slight_smile:

Well, I love me some Stelvin. There’s an article somewhere on the interwebs, a study comparing Sauv Blanc in both cork and screw cap over 10 years, photos included. Side by side, the difference was startling - and only the screw cap wine was drinkable after about 3 years.

And I love me some Clayhouse - the recent offering of the Casa de Arcilla Grenache Blanc (a?) was a big hit in this household. Pulling the trigger, although it will probably be the last red I buy until the loooong TX summer is over!

sold out :frowning:

Looks like someone bought some about 10 minutes after you posted that. It doesn’t show as sold out on my computer. Maybe try again?

Available for me. Kind of interested in this one, too.

Here’s one similar to what you’re talking about. I’ve seen the one you’re referencing with the pictures, but can’t find it anywhere. (Download)

edit: I found an article referencing the study in question; but I can’t find the actual study, and the author neglected to link to it. Thanks for nothing!

Hi folks, Stacey from Clayhouse Wines. This is a great selection of wines. They are in stelvin closures and are meant to be consumed sooner rather than later to really enjoy the fresh fruit flavors.

All of the wines come from our 1400 acre estate vineyard in Paso Robles. It’s a diverse property that we’ve been farming for over 20 years. Great wines for your summer BBQs!