Clayhouse Wines Adobe Red (6)

Clayhouse Wines Adobe Red 6-Pack
Sold by: Middleton Family Wines
$59.99 $136.00 56% off List Price
2010 Clayhouse Wines Adobe Red

So very tempted by this! This has been excellent every time. My son and his GF loved it as well.

Oh what the heck …

… First Sucker: MarkDaSpark

You convinced me. In for one.

Hey Sparkmeister, would you say the description on the Features tab is close to what you remember of it?

Yes, very much so. A great every day drinker. We’ve had it twice with Prime Rib when dining out, and it’s been terrific every time.

Plus I think I brought it for Thanksgiving, and it went well with the roast we had.

same vintage?

I’m not exactly a a wine sophisticate. My criterion for buying wine is a cool label. IMO, this works as well as reading snooty wine tasting bullshit. I love this label!

Probably. But I’ve had it a couple of years, and it’s been terrific every time.

Have to check my pics.

Edit: Sorry, last pic taken (Jun 27) was too far away from bottle to see the year, and their online menu doesn’t show vintage.

Again, I’ve had it for several years, and they have all been sublime.

i’m really surprised this sold out. I can buy this walking into multiple retailers for the same price with no bottle minimum.

Really? Total Wine by me has it for $13.99 and there’s still 9% Sales Tax on it (whereas this works out to just under $11 WITH Sales Tax). AND I still have to drive it down to to my wine locker. So still cheaper here.

Now there may be other locations that have it cheaper for you and others, but they aren’t close enough.