Clean Away The Winter

do those cellulite shorts actually work?

Um, sure, sure they do. Right everbody?

Does the Callus Free Elite Replacement fit the Callus Free Elite (1st item listed)? It seems that it would, but I can’t find anything specifying that. As I searched online for reviews of the Callus Free Elite shown, I found there were several very similar looking products with differing model numbers. This model BK0943 is apparently also referred to as the Beautyko 5 in 1 Callus Free Elite, and Sears lists it at a regular price of $39.99 (not $99.99) but has no reviews.

So Woot, does the replacement head you are offering here fit this particular unit?

Has anyone used this particular Beautyko callus remover model before and did you like it?

My assumption is yes, but, I’ll see what our buyers say. Check back for an update.

Can anyone compare the Beautyko Callus removers to the Emjoi Micro-Pedi Callus Removers?

Regarding the shorts, what do the sizes XL and L equate to?

I don’t ever want to see the feet of anyone who needs a power sander to make them presentable.

Just sayin’

Seriously, how lazy are some people that they can’t do this manually???

Some people are more prone to the quick build up of dead skin and cracked heels than others. It is precisely because you don’t want to see feet like that that these people would like to have a quicker, more efficient way of removing that dead skin.